Gettin’ Crafty Tutorial – Dress Refashion

Another refashion attack has come over me.  Just because I can’t walk past a $5 rack.  This time it was a blue dress that I wouldn’t wear in a million years however I found myself thinking…you know that could look good if…..  So I bought it. Then I cut it and sewed it and I’ve now got myself a funky pencil skirt that is much more me and will look great with knee high boots this winter.   This is how I did it…

This is what i started with:

I tried the dress on without the arms and found where I wanted it to sit.  I then measured about 6 inches above this line (this dress is ribbed so it made it easy for me) and pinned.  This is where I cut:

Turn the skirt inside out, fold along your line , pin and sew:

Next i tried the skirt on again (inside out) and pinned it close to my body to create the tighter look I was after.  Be careful not to stick yourself!:

Take the skirt off, measure your pin line and ensure each side is the same.  Then sew along your line, ensuring your curve in at the top edge to keep the curve of your leg line:

Try it on again, right side out and check it looks good.  Then cut along the outside of your seam you just made, and zig zag or overlock your new edge.  You can also take in the waistband the same way if you need too.

There you have it – simple as anything and it only took me about a half hour.  One pencil skirt that used to be a cheesy dress.  Sucess!!


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