Aproneers – the ones that wear the aprons…

After moving away from Tassie and living in Sydney for nine years, where we had access to amazing providores, farmers markets etc, it always amazed me how slow Tassie was on the uptake. With all this beautiful food and wine that we produce, how is it that we’ve only had a decent, regular farmer’s market start up in the last couple of years and providores that don’t cost the earth are few and far between, especially on the Eastern Shore where I live. So I was beyond excited when I happened upon @aproneers on twitter and realised that they were opening up in the old discount (read not very fresh) fruit and veg store in my old suburb.
I read up about them and their ethos (real+sustainable+food) and became more excited. Plus they are open 7 days (8am-8pm), many here places don’t open on Sunday, and if they do close early – handy…
After Miss E’s dance class we walked across the road to check out their first day of trading and fell in love.
Beautiful, fresh and mostly local produce. And very modestly priced, in fact the meat is on par or cheaper with the big two supermarkets and even better, they tell you where it comes from.

I dropped in again on Thursday (payday) and bought some beautiful little olives and some steak and kipfler potatoes to slow cook for dinner. (Whilst preparing the dish, I realised Miss E was being very quiet – I busted her in the loungeroom with the tub of olives munching away – she’s olive addicted…) Half of the beef dish was reserved and went into a pie the next day, it tasted even better with a night to soak in all the flavours!

Saturday was the Grand Opening. I was pretty well ridiculously excited because Kylie Kwong was opening it. We missed that bit though as E only finished dance class at 10, so by the time we got over there it was just finished – I caught a glimpse of Kylie and then got swallowed in the crowd and she was gone.

I dragged Miss E into the meat area (sadly she was unimpressed – she just wanted to check out the cabinet with the olives) and got some more of that lovely thick steak and some chicken breasts, local yoghurt, beautiful tiny snacking grape tomatoes, carrots, bananas and mandarins. Plus more olives – not all for you, Miss E!

On the way out we met a lovely lady and her little black Schnoodle (Schnauzer x Poodle) called Oscar. We were all enamoured (I as a general rule hate those so-called ‘designer breeds’), he was adorable, gentle and friendly and as his owner explained they don’t shed either and are great for people with allergies. I could even see A1’s brain ticking over and he has always been dead against getting a dog he’s not really a dog person, but dogs really like (to taste bite) him. I’m keen, it was bigger than a lap dog (I don’t like lap dogs) but not too big as to intimidate E. Win all round. Could be a puppy on the cards! Wish I’d thought to take photos.

Anyway, I digress…

Saturday afternoon tea for Miss E – those little olives and snacking tomatoes from the store, fresh cheese loaf and pieces of cheddar cheese (another use for those handy kids bowls, instead of dipping sauce or a boiled egg in the little circle – a spot for olive pips)…


Oh and all round rockin’ hubby A1 headed back to Aproneers on his way back from the man cave that is Bunnings and purchased some lamb to roast, potatoes and baby turnips and cooked them for dinner. Delish!


Oh and just when I thought it couldn’t get much better, A1 also informs me that they stock my favourite local white (Clarence House Estate Sauvignon Blanc), and its cheaper than what we usually pay at the bottle-o. I dont know how I missed seeing that (probably too busy holding Miss E back from stealing all the yoghurt samples).

I think I love you Aproneers!

For those of you in Southern Tassie, who haven’t got around to it yet, head on down to 145 East Derwent Highway Lindisfarne and check it out. Meet their friendly, informed staff. FYI they also have some easy dinner options prepared too, so a great alternative to take-away on your way home from work…



  1. dannijh says:

    oh yay! Gotta love foodie stores!!

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