Worldly Wednesday – What’s your cup of tea?

It’s Sweet Adventures Blog Hop time again! Hosted by 84th and 3rd, this months adventurous theme is ‘What’s Your Cup of Tea?’


Versatile, comforting, warming tea. Sweet, milky, smoky, spicy however you like it – there are so many options to go with. We found it hard to narrow down what to make!

I ended up creating a Turkish Tea Delight Cake…
I used a sponge cake base, I followed this sponge tutorial over at Steve Cumper’s blog, but halved it and added a teaspoon or so (to taste) of rosewater.
I popped it in mini spring form tins (it filled 3 – one flopped though – I pulled it out too early, my bad!)

This one was pretty though!
Pretty sponge

The night before I made a Rose White Tea Jelly, as per the jelly instructions (this one was 6 sheets of gelatin to 2 cups of tea – with three teaspoons of sugar in the tea for good measure). Once set, I chopped it into little squares.

Cup of tea?

I also made a chocolate disc the night before, I melted the chocolate in a double boiler, then I lined the base of a couple of the spring form tins with baking paper (pulled tight) and put a thin later of melted chocolate in the bottom (it took me a couple of attempts to get it thin enough)…

Choc disc

Whipped some cream with a little icing sugar and a teaspoon of rosewater.
I cut two of the cakes in half, made a later with cream on the bottom, topped with tea jelly, cake, cream, the chocolate disc, cream, cake, cream and tea jelly again. One last layer of cake, a dusting of icing sugar and sprinkled with rose petals.
Yummy and of so pretty (particularly if you can cut a cake in half evenly, unlike me)…

Turkish Delight Tea Cake

We also had a new friend, Arwen, joining us in the kitchen this month. She’s another Thermie person, and it was lovely to have another person to share in the fun (and baby wrangle Master O!). Arwen made some tea biscotti, but we’ve worked out that the recipe she was following was missing egg whites. She added some in, but the recipe needs some testing again before we could share it with you. The scent of earl grey while they were cooking was amazing and they did look oh-so-sweet dipped into the pink chocolate!

Biscotti Stack

Now over to Miss Mixotropy for her tea treats!

I must admit, I got a bit excited by this month’s theme. There’s nothing like a good cup of tea! And I got doubly excited when I came across gorgeous silicone teacupcake moulds in a local shop. I couldn’t resist. So, clearly there had to be cupcakes involved.

I made these Tiramisu Cupcakes for Mother’s Day a couple of weeks ago and they were so good that I decided to vary the recipe to suit this month’s theme. Hence, I bring you Vanilla Chai Tiramisu Teacupcakes!

Vanilla Chai Tiramisu Cupcakes

You can find my Thermomix conversion of the original recipe on the Recipe Community.
For this month’s blog hop I used vanilla chai tea from Jeffersons instead of the traditional coffee-based syrup.

The combination of vanilla chai tea and marsala wine was so tasty that I thought I’d try making jellies as well by adapting Fiona Hoskin’s Real Fruit Jellies recipe on p.138 of Devil of a Cookbook. Oh my, they were good!

Jelly heart cutouts

Vanilla Chai Marsala Jellies

Devil of a Cookbook, the brand new cookbook from Thermomix in Australia, is the brain child of top chef Fiona Hoskin and features many of her recipes, along with recipes from renowned Tetsuya Wakuda and other Thermomix users. All proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Devil Island Project and copies are available from your consultant or online. Stay tuned for a Devil of a Cookbook give away right here on Honey You Baked, with a copy kindly donated by Erica from Mixotrophy!

To top off our ‘high tea’ I also made some Earl Grey truffles from p.158 of In the Mix as I’d wanted to try these for a while. You can’t go past Earl Grey infused honey ganache dipped in tempered chocolate and coated with slivered almonds. Yum!

Earl Grey Honey Ganache Truffles

Now what are you waiting for – make yourself a cup of tea, put your feet back and head on over to 84th and 3rd for some more tea-inspired treats!

Delicious tea treats



  1. Awesome cooking again from you gals.

  2. Such gorgeous treats from you both. I can’t decide which I like best as they both look amazing. Maybe I should just have a piece of each 😉

  3. dannijh says:

    Oh Ladies. Lovely! Little Trip to bring some to me perhaps??!!

    • Oh I just want to teleport up to you – why haven’t they invented affordable teleporters that enable me to get from here to Sydney in one piece? I can’t do it, I’m too busy baking and eating sweet treats. Get to work scientists/physicists/inventors. Slackers…

    • We could brave Australia Post for you?! Not sure how the cupcakes would look at the other end though!

  4. bizzylizzycooks says:


  5. What a fab collection of tea desserts from everyone, but the Rose White Tea Jelly and those lovely rose petals is what got me!

    • Thanks JJ…

      And the Rose petals… Well let’s just say Mixotrophy did a great job of releasing them from the confines of some random person’s garden. We were desperate 😉

  6. monipod says:

    So visually amazing that I can only begin to imagine how delicious these treats are 🙂 Yum!


  1. […] up. They have a really similar texture to the chai masala jellies that Mixotrophy made for the ‘Tea’ Sweet Adventures Blog Hop – however, these are kid (and Mummy & Daddy) […]

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