Grug is great!

I grew up reading the Grug series of books written by Ted Prior.

I’m guessing many Aussie kids around my age did and it seems over the last few years he’s had a bit of a resurgence, due to a well-time re-release around the time that Gen X’ers are rediscovering him through their kids.

For those that are asking WTF is a Grug?

This is Grug with myself and Miss E when she was 10 months old…

Meeting Grug

Please excuse my crazy arsed smile I had going on, I was obviously WAY more excited than she was. In fact I think I was just excited that she hadn’t burst out crying at the sight of him!

We’ve been reading a lot of Grug lately. I like them because the books are short Grug is awesome, and Miss E loves retelling the story through the pictures. He’s also incredibly resourceful – a total MacGuyGrug. Other great things about the books, they are well-priced at $4.99, so its a nice little treat and they fit in a decent sized handbag or nappy bag, so are good as a distraction when out and about.

Her favourite is Grug and the rainbow (6 months on from her rainbow party, she’s still rainbow obsessed), my favourite is Grug and the apple – squashed Grug makes me laugh, and Grug after eating too much reminds me of, well, me!

Grug and the Big Red Apple

Grug and the Big Red Apple by Ted Prior (2009, Simon & Schuster, Australia)

There is a Grug Facebook page

And there is a Grug on Twitter @The_Grug … I can’t say that either are official, but the twitter feed in particular cracks me up…

Are you a Grug fan? Is there a book (or series of books, that you have (or plan to) introduced to your children?

And no, this isn’t a paid or sponsored post, just thought I’d share some of our favourite Australian stories, because we love Grug!


Read it? Like it? Hated it? - we welcome you to leave a comment!

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