Refashion Passion

I have spent a little time lately “doing over” a few hand me downs.

Refashioning is just a funky way of updating things you already have so they can be utilised and not chucked.  We are very lucky and get a lot of hand-me-downs for the girls.  I am a BIG lover of kids hand me downs!  Most little ones go through clothes so fast its great to have a constant supply of new things.  Not just as they grow out of them so quickly, also to ensure a good load of “play clothes”.  You know the type – the ones that have already been through the mill so its not a big deal if they get spilled on, messed up or generally roughed about.  Especially handy for PreSchool/Daycare.

One such item I gave an upcycle this week is this great little sleepsuit.  Its been freezing at our place lately and Miss Z has a bad habit of kicking off her covers of a night, so things like this are fabulous!  The emblem on it was kind of boyish and not really our cup of tea, so I thought a little Heat N Bond action was in order!

My mum found this super cute Owl patch and picked it up for us – score!  Thanks Mum:)  I added some fabric scraps from my own bag and crafted up this cute little design.  The Heat & Bond I own is not the sew over type, if it was I would have done some decorative stitching around the hearts, however I’ve already broken one sewing machine needle lately and I wasn’t wanting to try for two!

So, what we end up with for a grand total of 10mins work is now much more girly and still useful.  I’m sure Miss Z will be thanking me tonight!



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