Worldly Wednesday – Get Stuffed! That’s My Baguette!

As soon as I saw this recipe I wanted to try it!  Right up my alley and easy to boot….whats not to love?

It was my turn to make Morning Tea for the Adults at Playgroup this week so I thought it would be a great opportunity to try something different.  The middle of the Baguette I kept in a zip lock bag in my freezer.  It will be perfect for breadcrumbs one of these days:)

Baking Obsession inspired me to make this and so in true scavenger style I rummaged through my fridge to see what I could find to stuff it with:)   I ended up with a strange Spanish-looking Italian mix of Cream Cheese, Garlic, Chorizo, Preserved Lemon, Red Onion, Basil & Parsley.   Sounding strange I’m sure however I promise – it really worked!

I used about:

1 x 30cm  long Baguette

1 x block cream cheese

1 x clove garlic – crushed

1/2 small red onion – diced

1/2 Chorizo Sausage (which had been diced and fried)

1 x small wedge of Preserved Lemon – diced finely

1 x Handful fresh basil – chopped finely

1 x handful fresh parsley – chopped finely

I used my trusty Kitchenaid to make light work of the mixing, and then got right to the stuffing:)

I found it much easier to fill a piping bag with the cheese mixture and fill the baguette that way.  Trying to spoon it in and pack it down is just a waste of time!

I made this on Saturday and refrigerated until Monday morning.




  1. What a great idea, not only is it a do-ahead but also easy and makes for great presentation.

  2. dannijh says:

    it sure does Norma! Its really easy too!

  3. Great idea! Thanks for linking this up to the weekend cookbook. I really appreciate your support. I have internet at home again now so will be trying to promote it lots more

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