Airing my dirty laundry…

In the interests of making you – our wonderful readers feel a bit better about life/mess/lack of motivation, I (take a big breath, cover my face in shame) bring you my washing pile…


(I swear I can hear Danni screaming in horror all the way from the Big Island.)
This was mid week. It was worse the week before (for shame!)…
I swear every time I get it back to normal, the household goes through a spate of gastro or Miss E goes through a stage of toilet training regression, and its always when we have a spate of cold, rainy weather. We also don’t have a dryer.

I had actually done a heap of washing the previous week and ended up taking it to the laundromat to use the dryers there. Four big loads of washing dried within an hour. Well worth the $14.

So my goal this month – get the laundry pile back under control. We’re getting our woodheater installed on Tuesday, so having a warm, dry room will at least help on wet days when I can use the clothes airer inside and still dry things.

I just mostly have issues getting things out on the line. Now Master O is walking it will be a little easier as he can walk around outside safely. Before he just wanted to crawl, not so good in our mainly patchy dirt-scattered yard! So this is my one seriously out of control part of our house. Do you have one too?



  1. Thank you for sharing. I am drowning in laundry at the moment. My main issue is folding the clean clothes. There is piles of clean clothes and I have no motivation to fold and put away. It is never ending!

    • Hi Katie – folding is an issue here. I try to fold straight off the line (and even hang each person’s clothes on seperate sections of the line to make it even easier), but to be honest it depends on how much time I have (eg.if only one kid or two are awake and tearing the house apart)…
      Good luck with the folding, sometimes it just snowballs!

  2. Uh oh. You’ve just reminded me that I need to get my head out of the sand and stop ignoring the laundry basket and it’s evil spawn (piles of clothing left in the corner of the bedroom because the laundry basket is full). Gah!!!!

    • Ahhh Astrid, I know that evil spawn well. It is currently breeding in my walk in wardrobe (with the door firmly shut)…

      I was so proud of myself for getting the laundry basket within control again (it’s now closed with nothing on top of it) then remembered my walk in wardrobe. *sigh*

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