Mama & Papa mini-break…

So this weekend A1 and I tripped down to the Peninsula again for a little weekend away, but the back seat of the car was very quiet…
Very quiet!


It’s ok, we didn’t completely forget to pack the kids in the car, we arranged for their safe care!

And how much extra room we had. Only two bags in the boot – one for A1, and one for me – how awesome is my bag?


One of my bestie’s (I have a few – they are all awesome in their different ways so my multiple bestie’s are all bestie’s – deal with it!!) bought it for me. I feel a bit too cool for school with it. Though moustaches are probably so last season now right – but in saying that she did buy it for me last season. I’m still in love.

So yes – Miss E and Master O were being cared for by Aunty Rose (or Wose) as Miss E says. She had a sleepover at our place to care for kiddies (including Target the fur child). I know they are in excellent care as she loves them all to bits (and vice-versa) AND she’s a childcarer, so I know she can deal with the whirlwind that is these two in action – now that Master O is not only walking, but running!

I was kept up to date with lovely little photos texted to me of them drawing and crafting and looking cheeky.

Meanwhile A1 and I had arrived at our lovely spa cabin, and after a false start (no bath plug – a quick walk down to reception required) we’d settled in for a deep spa bath followed by an afternoon nap for me. Bliss!

Followed by soaking up the silence, an uninterrupted cup of tea and a lay on the comfy couch with a blanket and the sunshine beaming in. More bliss…

We read the paper and a magazine. Chatted. Decided to look into the prospect of bamboo flooring instead of tiles in our living/dining/kitchen instead of tiles (the bamboo floors looked lovely). Watched the beginning of a movie that we would probably never normally watch (Margin Call) and got quite caught up in it until we realised it was time to depart for dinner.

Headed down the road for dinner at the Fox and Hounds – done up in Tudor style. Ran into my Aunt and Uncle – its Tasmania, you always run into someone you know- mostly I love that about Tassie, it’s nice.

Had a beautifully cooked, but fatty steak and an average cheesecake – should have gone with the cheese plate!

Then we headed off for a ghost tour at Port Arthur. To say I was crapping myself would be putting it mildly, but I quickly got over it, as we thankfully had picked a night with a pretty full moon so it was well lit.



We saw no ghosts, though did hear some pretty amazing stories. I’d like to do it again with a different guide and see what a difference that makes.

I slept like the dead (hehe) when I got back – well after we watched the rest of the movie – it was repeated and we barely missed anything. I put my head down and didn’t wake until 8am. Bliss

We laid in bed, I dozed and then we packed up our stuff and headed down to the restaurant that was part of the complex and had breakfast. I ate lots of bacon. It was still hot. I had toast and english muffins that weren’t cold. Another cup of uninterrupted tea. We looked out over the water. More bliss

We checked out and then walked back around to the Port Arthur historic site to see if it was still creepy by day. It’s actually beautiful and we tried to imagine how different it would be back then. Muddy, smelly, miserable. What a history, both recent and a hundred or so years ago. For us, it was just peaceful…

Then it was time to head back home. For hugs and kisses and squeals of delight from our babies. Bliss

Big thanks to Aunty Rose for enabling us to have some together-time without having to worry about our babies. They had a ball xxx


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