She’s almost 1 owlready!

Where has the last 10months gone? Crazy to think I’m already starting to plan Miss Z’s 1st Birthday party!

Hurrah! I love a party project:)

I’m thinking of having a simple lunch at home for family and friends as Miss Z will probably crash in the afternoon anyway and so while she sleeps in the comfort of her own bed everyone else can continue having fun without her!    I’m working with an Owl theme – SO much fun checking out all the different styles and designs!   Normally I would want everything to match however I’m having trouble with that so we are going as close as possible.  I’m working on Teal, Purple and Yellow as my colours and since there will be no games etc I will be thinking outside the square for some different types of activities…

For instance, I’m thinking of making up a cute picture frame or 3 (minus the insides) and some other photographic props and setting up a little photo booth.  During the party we will get everyone to pop into the booth and get their photo’s taken and this can be sent out as part of the thankyou cards as a cute memento.  You can see the type of thing I’m getting at here.

I found a MASSIVE collection of customisable owl invites on Zazzle and am still trying to decide which one I want!  Every one is so cute – its so hard to choose!

I’ve also started on designing the cake (of course!).   I have made a tester version of a cute Owl Cake Topper also.  Not quite sure if it will be changed at all yet…

I’m still not quite sure which cake to do…do I make a cupcake tower (lots of work to make loads of mini owl toppers)? or do I stick with the basic cake with massive topper?  OR do I go all out and make a Mad Hatter Design just because???  Arrgh! Decisions, Decisions!!

As for food I’m thinking of doing a take on High Tea inspired party platters.  Its easy to prep, I can make loads beforehand, no cooking on the day is required (or next to none) and I don’t have to worry about tables and chairs and seating everyone.  Its walk & talk food!  It also means I can theme up a food table and we all know that’s super important!! LOL

Right, well I’m off to source all my party stuff!  If anyone has any helpful hints or ideas to help make Miss Z’s First Birthday a real HOOT – let me know!!!



  1. Whatever you decide to do, remember a calm and happy mum will be the best present a 1 year old could wish for 🙂 I’ve gone overboard with my little one’s parties at times, so much so that when the doorbell rings I almost feel like telling everyone to go away because I’m already over it! So do go for the special touches, but also take some short-cuts so that you can also enjoy the special day. Have fun!

    • dannijh says:

      Thanks Christina! I was an Event Manager in a former life and our family is always entertaining! We do love a party and whilst being full on are never crazy! We live to give love and share our food, and our company.
      It is a really good point you make though – I know a lot of mummies who try and keep up with the Jones’ Parties just because they think they have too and they are always the ones who come unstuck and say “Never Again!!”.
      I’m a great believer in celebrations for birthdays (you never know when will be your last one) and being clever and crafty with ideas doesn’t have to mean expensive or rushed or going over the top. Organisation is everything! Dx

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