My week – cold days, sunshine, icypoles and mug cakes …

It’s been a busy week here at HYB’s Tassie HQ. It’s also been cold – you know those days where its deceptively sunny but when you step outside it is bracingly cold – that’s what we’ve had.

(Gorgeous day – absolutely freezing!)
So after last weeks post on my bogan failings, I’ve fallen into my bogan-inspired outfit again – because it’s warm and comfy, but I’ve kept the ugg boots purely for home this time…


So here is what we did this week…

A big Playdough session for Miss E – some lovely mutant birdie masterpieces with Mummy’s assistance and pretty much mounds of mixed colour dough with lots of google eyes and a bit of dough tasting when I wasn’t looking…



Had our three month follow-up on the house. There were a few small things to fix. A poor join on a cornice. Silicon on the bathtub. Missed painted bits in the cavity slider doors. Small things.
Thankfully A1 dropped Miss E off to care because the guy was here all morning and early arvo doing those small things until I left to babysit a friends kids. That morning was my only chance for some me-time whilst Master O napped. Unfortunately it seemed wherever I went to chill, some repairs were going on – FFS…
I did make some Chewy Anzac Biscuits before I left – blogged it for our Wordly Wednesday post…

A trip to the toy library. We love the toy library – so many options, and a great way to try a toy out on your kids before shelling out the big bucks for them. This way you’ll know if it’s likely to break after 5 minutes of play, or just be ignored for the box that it came in!


A1 was away for work Thursday/Friday which meant I had the night off work on Thursday – this made for a relaxed day!

Made some strawberry cupcakes for Mother’s Group on Friday morning. I read Danni’s three ingredient recipe a couple of weeks back and wanted to try it.
One pack of Betty Crocker Strawberries & Cream packet mix, 1 cup of Greek yoghurt and 1 cup of water = simply delicious, moist cupcakes.


After Mother’s Group left, we played outside for a bit. Miss E decided that my gumboots were better than hers…

Then I dropped the kids off at Nannas for a couple of hours so she could look after them between me heading to work and A1 getting back from his work trip.
I had 1/2 an hour to spare before work so popped into Spotlight on a mission…
Danni had sent me a picture of some cute toadstool poufs her sister saw at Spotlight but she wasn’t sure how much they were, but thought they’d be perfect for Miss E’s room.


Cute huh! I only like the small ones, but at $59.99 I’m still tempted to get the cute fabric Baby’s Got Style one that I mentioned back in her bedroom post. Although vinyl is easy to wipe clean. Either way I’d be waiting for it to come up on sale.

Whilst at Spotlight I managed to witness some drama – teenage boys attempting to bash each other up and swearing the place down – strange place for that to occur(kids these days)! I also went searching bits and pieces for an easy decorating project for one of the bedrooms. Found what I needed but as per usual three ladies there, two chatting, one serving and after 5 minutes of STILL not being served I had to dump it and hightail it to work. FFS.

We also link up with Glowless for FlogYoBlog Friday – her last ever 😦 head on over and check out the submissions… We also linked up with Mrs Smyth Gets a Life for Mrs Smyth Creates – needs some creative inspiration – have a looksee…

Weekend finally
I worked overtime all day Saturday – hopefully that might be close enough to how much we need to pay for our wood fire installation – yay!
Came home to find Master O had turned into Gastro Boy. Poor A1 had spent the afternoon cleaning up after him.
Quiet night in caring for the poor little man (Master O that is)…
We had Gastro Boy sucking down on hydralyte icypoles. Icypoles, little hands and bracingly cold weather aren’t the best combo. I had a solution, I’m good at those. Bow down before my genius – I bring you the best way to keep little hands protected when eating icypoles…


Yep, socks…

Once he was a bit more recovered we bundled up for a walk down to the end of our road to visit the horse that lives in the corner block. He was way up the back of the paddock, but in true join-up style whenever I’d turn my back and walk a few steps, he’d take a few and eventually we coaxed him over.


I made my first mug cake. Ugly, yet guiltily delicious. Too easy to do and could be dangerous for my night time chocolate cravings! Geez I could even make this in my 10 minute break at work!

We also linked up with Mummy’s Undeserved Blessings for her inaugural Weekend Cookbook linkup – I got so many ideas for my next fortnightly menu plan – go forth and find food!



  1. library geek in training says:

    Phew, I am tired just reading about your week. Hope Little man is feeling heaps better now,xxoo

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