My Latest Projects

I thought I may show off to you all today and reveal some of the sewing I’ve been doing.

First, my selection of cloth nappies.  The minkee zebra stripe and pink dot are made of PUL backed fabric I purchased and the rest is fabric I already had in my own collection (with a basic PUL inside to make them waterproof).  I also used some near new baby wraps that I had hardly ever used.  I used the snaps for fastening however as much as they look better – I really do think Velcro would have been easier…hmm maybe next time!!

Miss Z looks adorable in her little pinafore.  I think the fabric I used was just perfect for it.  I had so much I ended up making two matching nappies for it (’cause we always need a matching set LOL!).  The good thing is it will probably  still fit her in a year or so as a cute swing top.  You can find the tutorial and the pattern at Smashed Peas & Carrots.

Miss N loves her new T Shirt dress.  This one is totally re-purposed using a shirt and fabric we already had.  I think it looks sort of vintage:)  I made a small ruffle at the top of the skirt and added a cute waist tie.  Its fairly long on her however she’s such a girly girl she thinks its fabulous:)  This pattern is from Tea Rose Home.

For someone who can’t really sew much at all, I think I did pretty well!!



  1. Love the cloth nappies! Might have to try making some 🙂

  2. Dammit, I just bought some fabric… Danni, what have you done to me?! I couldn’t resist though, it’s got elephants on it!

    • HAHA!!! EXACTLY what i did when i first saw that site…kind of can’t help it…can you??
      P.S. The Minkee is a must – its super soft and cuddly and dries fast! (although, I do love the I need more?? NO NO!)

      • What style of nappy do you make and what pattern do you use? Living in Tassie, quick drying is probably an important factor 🙂 We don’t have a drier (yet!). Have you had any trouble with leakage or irritated skin with the fabrics/styles you’ve used?

        • Erica I made an All in one style (so totally waterproof) which means they do take longer to dry. Although, even on a cold sunny day here they seem to be 99% dry on the line outside. Sometime they need overnight in the house to finish them off. This is why I made about 14 nappies (and have about 6 to go) so I have enough to ensure I can wash every 2 days and still have enough to use/dry in time etc.
          I found Miss Z has been pretty good rash wise, she doesn’t get much however I’ve heard from a lot of people cloth tends to ensure less rash anyways (less plastic, more breathablility than disposables).
          You can make nappies without the internal PUL layer which will dry super fast, however you will need to use a nappy cover over the top (you can make these, or buy them – like the old style plastic pants, but heaps better!). Personally, I wanted as less fuss as possible so AIO (All in ones) were the go for me. I try to use my dryer as less as possible and have only needed it once so far (since I only had made 6 nappies at that point so didn’t have enough).

          Have a look at the Modern Cloth Nappy Post I did a few weeks back – I added in the links to some patterns. I made a tester model and then resized/re-shaped according to what would fit better on Miss Z.
          I am working on uploading my homemmade pattern so you can tey that out too. I’ll try and do it ASAP for you!

      • Erica, this is the origional tutorial I used.
        As I said I thought it turned out really small so I suggest you resize!

        I’m working on my patternf or you:)

  3. You. Are. A. Legend.

  4. Ireland Removals says:

    And you say that you can’t really sew much at all?! Oh, my god! You’ve done great job. The dress and the skirt are more than lovely. I wonder if I can do it for my daughters, too. It looks easy to be made?

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