Worldly Wednesday – Mini Chewy Anzac Biscuits

Today is Anzac Day.

For those non-Australian/New Zealand readers (thanks for visiting!) here’s a quick explanation… ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.
Anzac Day is a day where we honour those that fought (and many who fell) in World War 1 at Gallipoli in the first major action that our troops saw in that war.
Today though, we honour all of our defence and peacekeeping forces, wherever they have served. It’s a day of intense emotion. I’ve marched in a few Anzac Day marches and I was so proud to do so, even as just a Reserves Forces member.
So I couldn’t do any recipe today other than an Anzac tradition – Anzac biscuits…

These have a little twist, they are mini chewy ones – extra yummy and a great size for the kids.

The recipe came from the April 2012 edition of Super Food Ideas… Who also say that “Anzac biscuits were developed for soldiers in World War 1. Oats were chosen because of their high nutritional value and other ingredients for long shelf-life properties.”
I just like them because they taste awesome – and they have oats in them – that means they’re healthy, right? A favourite for us as they are totally Master O friendly – egg and nut free (no egg replacer required!)

Mini Chewy Anzac Biscuits
Prep 30 minutes (plus 5 minutes standing and cooling time)
Cook 15 minutes


      1/2 cup quick oats


      1/2 cup desiccated coconut


      1/2 cup plain flour


      1/3 cup brown sugar


      60g butter


      1 tablespoon golden syrup


    1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate soda

  • Gather ingredients. (I think I need a new sous chef- this one is kind of distracted)


  • Preheat oven to 160oC/140oC fan-forced.
  • Combine oats, coconut, flour and sugar in a large bowl. Make a well in the centre.


  • Place butter, syrup, and 1 tablespoon cold water in a saucepan over a medium heat. Stir for 2-3 minutes until butter has melted.


  • Remove from heat. Stir in bicarbonate of soda.

(Two photos for this step as I love the foamy reaction when the bicarbonate is added!)20120425-091408.jpg

  • Stir butter mixture into oat mixture.


  • Roll 2 level teaspoons of mixture into balls (I found it fell apart when rolled, so I kind of squeezed it into a ball shape instead –…)
  • Place on prepared trays, 4 cm apart (I only just noticed that – mine were closer together. Didn’t make a difference). Using a fork, flatten slightly.


  • Bake for 10-12 minutes or until golden. Stand on trays for 5 minutes. Transfer to a wire rack until cool. Admire your baking prowess and eat!


If you want a crunchy biscuit, leave them on the tray to cool. The biscuits will keep in an airtight container for around 2 weeks.



  1. Happy ANZAC Day!
    These look lovely!
    It’s a miserable ANZAC Day here in Melbourne, so its a day of old war movies on the coach and then the ANZAC Day game…with hubby (so I might get some knitting done : )

    • It’s not the best day here in Hobart either. Rained overnight, the sun managed to peek through the clouds every now and again so we got out and worked in the garden, but it’s pretty chilly, so the afternoon has mostly been spent indoors. Winter is on its way!

  2. Happy ANZAC day! Learnt something new today and that makes me happy, thanks.

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