White Beach Weekender (and breaking the bogan dress code)…

Whole Beach

You mean we have the WHOLE BEACH to ourselves?

We escaped the usual routine last weekend and went on a mini-break as a family, along with Miss Mixotrophy and her hubby, A2.

Hired a little house near the beach with a woodfire and just chilled for the weekend. Ate lots of yummy food – Miss Mixotrophy brought her thermie along and had risotto waiting for us when we arrived on Friday night with two tired and cranky kids. Saturday morning she had pancakes lined up for us – I topped mine with the white chocolate lemon curd (from our Sweet Adventures Lemon blog hop post) and fresh passion fruit – SO GOOD!

We strolled down to the beach and had a play around…

In the water

What can we see in the water?

Walking on water

Miss E walking on water...

Bucket ball

Let's play beach cricket. But wait, no bat, no suitable stick. lets play bucket ball then (??!!) and we'll pop the baby in the middle for good measure...

After Ella nuded up on the beach and went for a ‘swim’ (paddle in my terms), and I took a lifetime of bribery photos for her later life (this child will NOT be stepping out of line in teenage years), we packed up. We headed back for scones with jam and cream (or with more lemon curd for me) for afternoon tea.

Dinner was home made pizzas with a range of yummy toppings including capsicum, eggplant and tomatoes from Dad’s garden and garlic and parsley from Mixotrophy and A2’s garden… Seriously tasty. Sadly I took no photos of what we ate over the weekend (including the croissant/brioche hybrids Mixotrophy made for Sunday breakfast)…

However the chocolate stash (brought out of hiding once the kids had gone to bed) was just too OTT – I had to capture it…

sweet stash

A spot of phase 10, a lot of chocolate, and some background geekery...

Yes, that is indeed three whole blocks of various glass and a half sugary goodness, as well as a pack of bullets. Not to mention hiding just to the far left of shot, a pack of island produce fudge. Yes, we did eat well lots this weekend!!

I also love the merits of going away with friends who know you well enough to ignore the fact that yes, you have worn track pants and ugg boots for the fair majority of the time away – it was that kind of weekend… Aside from our holiday mates, we didn’t see anyone else, so it was ok (really, that’s what I tell myself).

The weekend was over too soon though. We said goodbye to White Beach, packed up our cars and returned home.

Whilst still donning my ugg boots (I am slightly ashamed to say), I ducked down a tourist track to take a few shots of the Tessellated Pavement while A1 stayed in the car with a napping Master O & Miss E.


I love this seaweed - I want a necklace with beads exactly like the dark pieces...

Holey Seaweed Batman

Holey seaweed Batman!

Casting my shadow

Casting my shadow onto a rockpool...

Tessellated pavement

Tessellated pavement - isn't this an awesome natural feature. Tassie rocks! (haha!)

Waves breaking

Waves breaking

View down through the trees

I love this view down through the trees, seeing the tessellated pavement peeking through a sheen of seawater...

We got home, greeted the cat (who obviously was quite miffed at being left behind – demonstrating this by depositing a furball in Master O’s room), and Poppy who had been putting a roof on our little shed – nice work Dad!

Once the kids were asleep in bed I headed out to the local supermarket to get milk and bananas. Our local is two suburbs over in what can only be described as a slightly colourful area. It’s always an adventure to say the least to pop down to the local Coles or Woollies and it makes for great people watching. Anyway, I figured I’d fit in and keep the ugg boots on (it’s cold and I do love them, though I do normally restrict myself to inside the home). They were teamed with my skinny leg jeans and my long, hooded knit cardigan. Not something I would normally team together as en masse it was totally bogan (but seriously comfortable).
Thought I’d fit right in.

Oh was I wrong. The sun had gone down. Evening dress code had kicked in. Note to self. To fit in after dark no ugg boots. No skinny jeans…
Just PJ bottoms and bare feet. Duly noted, definitely possibly won’t be adhered to.

Is there a bogan/westie/chav/chigger outfit/combo that you try to avoid, but give into for the pure comfort factor? Do you wear PJ bottoms and bare feet to the supermarket? Tell the world, or at least Danni and I – step into our virtual confession booth and leave a comment.

We’re linking up with Glowless for her Final Flog Yo Blog Friday – head on over and check out the other submissions…




  1. Susan butterworth says:

    Hi, sounds fabulous. Can you post details for how to rent the weekender, sounds like my little guys would love it there.

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