Thinking Outside The Lunchbox..

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Here in Sydney holidays are almost over and next week everyone goes back to school (Hurrah! Hurrah!).

I need to refill my freezer with child friendly lunch options so I have put together a list of easy make and freezer friendly items to keep everyone happy. Scan through, choose and change. The great thing about ideas is you can tweak them to suit yourself and your (child’s) taste.

I individually wrap each item to prevent freezer burn before storing in an airtight tupperware container in the freezer. One for savoury items, one for sweet. That way pulling out a recess and a lunch is easy – even on the busiest of mornings!!

Bon Appetite!

Sandwiches/Wraps or Pita with various fillings, including:

– Ham, cheese & mustard

– Refried beans, tomato salsa and cheese

– Roast beef, tomato chutney & cheese

– Tuna, mayo & sweet chilli sauce

– Chicken, mayo & basil pesto

– Vegemite & cheese

Bread Scrolls/Mini Pizza’s or Calzone, with fillings such as:

– Pizza fillings

– Ham, Cheese & pineapple

– Lamb, spinach, tomato & mint

– Cheesymite (vegemite & cheese)

Other items such as:

– Cold chicken drumsticks (crumbed or not, as suits you)

– Potato Pinwheels

– Tuna/Salmon Patties (either cold as is, or stuffed into a roll with a bit of salad)

– A mini ploughmans (a crunchy mini roll, some cold cuts, fruits, cheese and a bit of chutney – either seperate or altogether on the roll!)

– Sushi Rolls (NOT freezeable, however if you make them for dinner make an extra one and keep it in the fridge till the morning – perfect! Miss N’s favourite!)

– Vege Sticks and hummus dip (carrot, celery, cucumber – etc!)

– Crackers/crispbreads with various fillings

– Cheese & Bacon Muffins (split one in half from the feezer and add a swipe of cream cheese – yum)

– Arancini (Italian rice balls – these are really nice cold)

– Cold creamy pasta salad

– A thermos of soup and a small sandwich or crusty roll (would work better for older children I’m sure!)

Sweet things:

– Frozen yoghurt

– Rasperry & Apple Muffins

– Pikelets

– Banana Bread

– Cookies

– Cupcakes (un-iced to stop mess – try filling them with the buttercream instead!)

– Caramel slice



  1. Yum! When I hark back to my school lunches (made by me) I had a Vegemite sandwich and an apple nearly everyday lol!
    Your selection looks absolutely delicious, I’d say most of this is good for work lunches too!

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