Worldly Wednesday – Super Sausage Rolls

Today its a quick and easy recipe for totally tasty sausage rolls.

This recipe would serve 4 adults or 2 starving people!!


500g good quality beef mince

1/2 large brown onion (or 1 x small)

1 x spring onion

1 x clove garlic – crushed

Salt & black pepper to taste

A good splosh of Wostershire sauce.  (approx 4 tablespoons??)

A shake or two of celery salt

3 sheets of Puff Pastry


Preheat your oven to 200 deg C.

Make sure all the vegetables are chopped very finely.  Its a pet hate of mine to have a massive chunk of onion in your ultra fine mince:)

Now, pick up your mince and throw it back into the bowl , over and over for about a minute or two.  This causes the protiens to bind and means you don’t need to add an egg.

Divide the mixture into 3 and shape each into a sausage shape.

Lay your mince along the edge of a pastry sheet.  Carefully roll the pastry around the mince and shape & flatten slightly until its an even size all along.  Repeat with the remaining.

Place on your baking tray and carefully score a criss-cross pattern into the pastry tops.  Brush with a little egg wash and pop into a preheated oven for approx 30 mins.  You want the pastry to be golden brown and crispy.

Once slightly cooled, you can slice into sections and serve as is for a snack or finger foods, or half each roll  and add a crispy salad on the side for an easy dinner!



  1. Thanks D! My meal plan for the week (fortnight actually) has been thrown out of whack thanks to no lamb mince at the supermarket (so no kofte’s tonight), but I DO have beef mince. Super Sausage Rolls to the Rescuuuue!! Loving the idea of binding the meat that way, totally means with a milk wash on top, it’s Master O friendly!
    Sanity Saved…

  2. Sara Hunter says:

    Great idea…especially if you make meat rolls ahead and freeze then thaw and wrap in pastry when needed

    • Hi Sara, I’m not sure what Danni does, but we make them up entirely (so wrap in pastry as well) and then freeze before cooking. Then thaw and cook as needed 🙂

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