Goody goody yoghurt drops

A friend posted a link to this blog post from Shutterbean on Facebook the other day. I saw the post about frozen yoghurt dots and had to try it straight away. Literally two minutes after I had all this ready to rock!


Take one zip lock bag.
One baking tray with baking paper
Some yoghurt. I used half a container of Gippsland yoghurt cause that’s all I had – next time I’m trying Jalna.

Pop your yoghurt in the bag, snip off the corner and pipe whirly dots onto your baking tray.

Miss E helped with this too (with a little guidance from an adult helper to steady the flow, it can be a simple, fun activity for the kids).


(You could also use a piping nozzle if you’re feeling fancy…this lot was done with the blueberry yoghurt that had blueberry chunks in it – chunky=hard to pipe prettily!)




Et voila! Simple, healthy treat.
As someone else suggested in the post comments – great on your breakfast cereal – I popped some on Miss E’s rice bubbles…


Master O was mastering some great hand eye coordination to pick some up off his high chair tray – slippery little suckers…


The kids LOVE them (and I do too). I also use them to keep them occupied whilst preparing lunch – very handy. Or when I just want a few moments if blessed silence… Yummmmm!



  1. They look so good! I’m glad they turned out what a great use of yoghurt! I’ll definitely be doing this, if only for the few minutes silence 😉

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