Road trip part 3 – it’s yummy honey!

This is the final installment in my little road trip trilogy. So one last picture from Wychwood of a more practical nature – how cool is the repurposing of this hive as a washing basket table? Adore!


After our apple tasting, garden exploring and fairy finding, we headed back to the car…

We said hi to the cows (oops – sorry to Mr. ‘I Grew Up On A Dairy Farm’, A1, I’m duly chastised) steers on the way back to the car…


Took in some advice from this handsome fellow…


And stopped at The Honey Farm in Chudleigh. Ella and I went inside and tried some honey and royal jelly (very strong flavour and has crunchy crystals), looked at the honey displays and peered out at the bee hives…
How cute are the colours of the hives?

Then took the advice of Mr. Black Steer and bought the BEST.ICECREAM.EVER.
Chocolate honey icecream OMG…


I mentioned it to A1 today and I seriously think we would drive the three hours again just to have the icecream. Best ever.
But sorry friendly black cow, er steer, a steak is always pretty good too!
What’s the best thing you’ve eaten on a road trip with kids??


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