My Family Calendar

Its no secret that I love organising.  That I’m obsessed, that I delight in telling other people what to do.

I have for a long time now been organising my family on scraps of paper however the time has come to ditch it all and make way for the new and updated Family Calendar!

Basically, its only 4 sheets of A4 printed and stuck together on my freezer door however honestly its much more than that.  Its the glue that sticks my family together. The cherries in our cherry pie, the custard in our custard creams.  Its what makes us WORK.  

It gives the onlooker all the info needed to decifer my family at any one time.  The basic and important info no proper family can be without….who’s doing what when and what’s for dinner!

The top section includes the day and date, what’s to eat and where is can be found.  So if Himself is cooking he knows to look in a particular recipe book for the instructions or to get meat out of the freezer for the next night’s meal.  Its also means there is no excuse for ingredients going missing….he can’t help himself to the asparagus for instance….since if you look, we are having that for Tues nights’ dinner and I would probably be mad:)

The bottom section is all about who’s doing what.  Right now its holiday time so there is not much on in the activity department (no ballet, no swimming, no school etc).

The more perceptive of you may have realised I didn’t fill in every single square.  I often don’t, as lunches in particular for us are a fairly boring and normal and I simply cannot be bothered writing “Sandwiches or Leftovers” 10 times.

I buggerised around for ages with Excel to do this and it all came down to page layouts and sizing and stuff. (ugh).  Thank God I finally had it!    Covered with a layer of clear contact, it serves a great purpose and ensures even the daftest of husbands (although mine isn’t…OBVIOUSLY!!) can know with what and how to feed the kids!  Ours is in fornightly format as that’s the way we work.. I’m sure if you made your own you could change it to weekly or monthly or whatever.

I was hoping to have my version available for download however the program is not playing nice.  I will keep working on it and should have it ready for you soon.

I use a non-permenant marker to write and this wipes clean easily for you to fill in again.   It even has a nifty little section for shopping lists down at the bottom – a must, if you ask me!!



  1. Awesome!
    And hello Moroccan Meatball Tagine – recipe??

  2. I’m similar to you in that I like to use pen and paper to keep organised. I’ve tried apps and folders and whatnot but this works best for me too. Excellent way for you whole family to keep on top of it!

  3. Yoghurt dots?!


  1. […] organise your family.  Here at HYB, we are no different!  You may remember Danni showing us her homemade family planner, and since then, having so many people asks her about it has prompted this great […]

  2. […] organise your family.  Here at HYB, we are no different!  You may remember Danni showing us her homemade family planner, and since then, having so many people ask her about it has prompted this great […]

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