Road trip part 2 – A Secret Garden

Last week I posted about our apple-tasting trip to Wychwood in Mole Creek.  This week, I continue, with quite a photo-laden post about the garden itself. It was absolutely divine… They have so many gorgeous things to look at, I can’t decide what not to post!

They also have about the same amount of land as us, and it was SO inspiring to see how they created ‘rooms’, but also a flow throughout the garden. Sadly they have tons more rain and different soil to us, but wow, I totally would love to have their flair in design. It was like a secret garden…

Wychwood a secret garden

How sweet is this little arbour-like walkway?
Arbour walkway
We’ve always talked about having a stand of silver birch trees along our driveway, just like this…

Silver birch stand

Miss E had a blast – she loved the little mazes.

Lawn maze

Around and around...

Note to self – no white statue people for our garden. It freaks out the kids. Miss E was unimpressed and I was left to put the donation money in their box…

The White Ladies

Everywhere you looked – beautiful vistas…

Whats over the fence?

Little RiverMountain vista

And we all know that fairies MUST live here…

ToadstoolsFairy toadstool Fairies - where are you?

Hello – A1? Are you reading this? This photo is a reminder – wood fired pizza oven in the backyard at some point please! I want to go all Jamie and cook roasts and stuff in it, I promise, it’ll be worth the hard yakka…

Wood-fired pizza oven

And isn’t this just the prettiest garden shed? We have a colourbond one – but we’ll be training something along the back wall of it to help it blend in, just like those espaliered apples.

Sweetest garden shed

Next week, I’ll pop up the last of the road trip posts – all about honey, honeys!



  1. Beautiful photos, makes me want to pack up and move there ASAP! The white statue people freak me out too haha!

    • I would be happy to hideaway in that cute little shed for a few days LOL!

      So, survey says – the white ladies are high on the freak-o-meter…

  2. What a delightful outing! Miss E sure was having a grand time.

    • She was Norma! I’m going to be stalking the Open Gardens site from now on for similar outings. I think too often we try and find special things for the kids to do (such as an indoor play centre, movies etc.) which they do really enjoy, but forget about the simple things, the things that are real, that also allow them to use their imagination, and explore the senses – And she did have that here: sight, sounds, touch, smell AND taste (the apples were delicious!)
      She adored this place – and was looking for fairies everywhere xxx

  3. So wonderful pictures. That garden looks truly magical. Miss E looks gorgeous as usual and fascinated by that experience!


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