Modern Cloth Nappies – Do you use them?

I have wanted to try these nappies out for a LONG LONG time.

I remember babysitting for my sisters and changing my neices and nephews the old-fashioned way (using plastic pants and pins and snappy nappy thingamebobs).  When Miss N was born MCN’s were just coming into fashion and at the time we just could not afford what would have been a $700 or more layout to purchase them.  Fast forward to Miss Z and I guess I just didn’t think of them much at all.

This week however, as I’ve been sewing frantically – I figured there must be a way to make my own MCN’s at a much lower cost (God only knows why I didn’t think of it before?).  I scoured the net and found loads of tutorials and patterns on how to make your own.

Nappiescovered has a fantastic range of materials specific to people wanting to make their own MCN’s.  I started off very small and bought only enough PUL (Polyeurethane Laminate – the waterproof material) to make 2 x MCN’s.  Including delivery it was a grand total $8.60 and I figured if it didn’t work out then I’ve not lost much.

There were so many patterns on the net I just picked one I figured looked good and tried that. It ended up quite small so i then messed around with sizing and shape until I got something I liked that fit.   I found The Nappy Network the most helpful with this.  So far I’ve made 3 nappies and planning on doing loads more.  They look super cute and fabulous, wash and dry easily and I got some of the flushable liners so there is no messy clean up jobs either.

What do you think??  I know I’ve yet to put the snaps on these as yet, but I still think the Pink Zebra Minkee is my favourite:)


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