Road trip part 1 – she’ll be apples…

Yesterday, we cursed took advantage of the extra early post-daylight savings wake-up call and packed the kids in the car for a road trip ‘up North’…

We were heading to Mole Creek to visit a garden that was part of the Open Garden scheme. I think we aged 10 years as soon as we jumped in the car – Open Garden visits are for pensioners right?
But really, we wanted to go along to taste some apples – the heirloom apple people that I have mentioned before (from Woodbridge Fruit Trees), were doing a bi-annual tasting at the beautiful gardens of Wychwood. And I will now say, that I am hooked on the Open Garden Scheme – what better way to get both knowledge and inspiration when setting up a garden. The gardens were magical, it truly felt like a secret garden, so much so, that I am going to do a seperate post on them. For now, back to the heirloom apple tastings…

Seriously people, support these varieties. Most of these were developed back in the days when surviving long periods of time in storage, weren’t such an issue – and I tell you what, the variety of flavours and textures were incredible. We found plenty that we loved and actually didn’t get to taste them all either. We duly queued up to taste them, when one of the gentlemen manning the tasting tables suggested we move over to the other side where there was a ‘hole’ at the tasting plates, by the time we got around the other side with the pram, the hole had closed off, so we mingled around like queue jumpers and got treated like one. Pfft!

These are our favourites…
Pine Golden Pippin

Blue Permaine

Cox's Orange Pippin

And Ella’s favourite… (FYI, she didn’t steal it off the tree, she just happened to stand under the corresponding tree to eat it – fate!)

Miss E's favourite apple tree

Huonville Crab

Huonville crab sliced

How cool is the reddish coloured flesh…

The Cox’s Orange Pippin has actually been my favourite since we did an excursion to the Huon Valley Orchards in primary school – yum! We also did an excursion to a hop farm and I can remember the green dust and the cloying smell of the hops. Things stick in your head huh?

I’ll share some more pictures of the gardens and our road trip in another post. In the meantime though, what was your favourite school excursion?


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