A Cute Easter Bonnet!

You all might remember some weeks ago I discussed the options for a suitable Easter bonnet for Miss N and her school parade….WELL.  She has chosen a very funky purple top hat for her bonnet, which I must say I was really quite surprised about as I didn’t think it was the type of thing she would really go for!

I had previously purchased some fake flowers and little yellow chickens to stick on it and my mum turned up one day with more fake flowers she was getting rid of…we now have lots of flowers!   I set up my trusty hot glue gun and got crafting…

Its really the most basic Easter Bonnet.  Buy a hat, stick on some decorations and hey presto!!

I was really chuffed with the outcome and did the big reveal when I showed her…..”Ta-Dah!!!!” I said.  “uuummmmm….” she said.  “Mummy, it needs some butterflies on it.  You really do need to have butterflies in a garden”.  Well I’ve been told!  I now have to go off and try & figure out how to do that!!!



  1. I have awarded you for your great blog

  2. Hey thanks! Feeling the love here:)


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