Busy times and birthdays

Well it’s 10:45pm on Sunday night and I’ve just realised after crawling into bed that I haven’t done a blog post for tomorrow… Bugger!

But it’s been a big week. Aside from a 6 day working week – 28 hours – I know, I know, the full time working Mummas are going “Pffft! That’s nothing…” but seriously, between that, plus two sick kiddies (snotty, cranky and nasty cough which has meant numerous nocturnal wakings for everyone), and no daycare for Miss E (or break for Mummy) on Tuesday – its been tiring. Plus three of those working evenings were back at my old job picking up the old work type again and trying to remember how on earth to do it on a half asleep brain…

The other job was crazy busy too as it related to the Queensland election which was held on Saturday and I spent Saturday night at home on the couch drinking wine whilst rugged up under blankets and wearing trackies and ugg boots – I’m all class baby! Rather ironic to be rugged up in Tassie watching the Queensland election unfold – my job is turning me into a politics geek – which again is ironic as one of my attempted majors at uni (I never finished) was Public Administration (Governance). Made even more ironic by the fact that I had no idea what it was when I chose it and no great interest in politics at the time. Anyway what a landslide result!

Aside from the boring as bat-poo commentators it was an interesting evening, possibly made mostly more interesting by the blow by blow FB chat commentary with my workmate, Mrs Stalker (click on the link and her check out her new blog). Why don’t the political commentators ever talk about clothing choices; the people standing behind the politicians in live crosses (that look like they have bough in the hillbilly rent a crowd); or who wears the pants in the family – hello Mrs Newman…

But back to my week – the most important thing ever happened this week. My gorgeous baby boy turned one on Wednesday. Big claps for us for surviving the first year with two young kids). He is my baby as number two is it for us. We have our happily perfect family and we love them both dearly. He is the happiest little man (during the day!) and I was devastated that I had to work on his birthday, but I did make a last minute cake with what I had hiding in the pantry. Its a pretty pathetic cake but it did taste yummy, despite the fact that it didn’t rise much (due to egg replacer perhaps)…


I did also make some create your own jelly fruit cups (this is awesome stuff, have a look for the black jelly box with all the other jellies in the supermarket – I just used Goulburn Valley fruit salad in juice, used the juice as my flavour base then popped in some fruit for good measure). I actually don’t like jelly as I find it sickly, but this was actually yummy as it wasn’t overly sweet. Eventually we shall have a late birthday party and do it all again!

In the meantime, this afternoon was spent with the lovely Mrs Smyth (gets a life) and family at one of our favourite parks on the rivers edge… Master O is two days older than Miss Millie, so we headed down to wish her a happy birthday! Here are my babies having fun…


I think this week has taught me two things, I need to get back on top of my systems – the Home Routines app needs to get dusted off and updated for this new house (I’m not sure if I have reviewed this app or not but if not I will do so soon – its genius), and I need to get back on the meal planning wagon. 6 day working weeks require organization.

But that’s, that for now, lastly, my big one year old (wearing big sister hand-me-down gold shoes) willing the ducky to come closer…



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