Gettin’ Crafty Tutorial – Girls’ T-Shirt Dress

I have been noticing a lot of people lately crafting up cute dresses out of beautiful fabrics and basic singlets and T Shirts.  Several of the people I follow on Pintrest have made some lovely little versions and I  have been wanting to have a go at these for a while!!   All the tutorials and patterns I found were different as all the styles were different, so I have taken the main idea from each and formulated my own pattern.  I started with something really basic, mainly just to see if I could do it (!!).  If this one worked then the idea is to do a few slightly more “pretty” ones.

Firstly I rummaged through Miss N’s drawers for a nice plain T Shirt to use.  I then found a dress in her wardrobe who’s shape I liked and that I knew fit her, which I used as my guide to make a skirt pattern.

I laid out the shirt and measured about 3 inches down from her armpit.  This is where I made my cut.

Next I laid out the skirt material, pinned on my newly drawn pattern, and cut.

I sewed the side seams and then folded and hemmed the top of the skirt.

Now its time to pin the TShirt and top of the skirt together and stitch. I then added some black ribbon over the top (mainly to hide my join, since it wasn’t the neatest out there) and stiched that on.

Then I hemmed the skirt bottom, using a double fold so I ended up with a nice clean finish.

Its basic, however its lovely and Miss N thinks its great!  She is already asking for more…!

Now its time to find a model….


  1. Wow you did an amazing job! Gorgeous!

  2. Oh….you bring tears to your big sister’s eyes!!!! Nice one!!

  3. Marcia Sikes says:

    Great! This is what I was looking for. I made a GA Bulldog Tee-Shirt dress a while back. Now my grand daughter wants one and I couldn’t find the pattern. I may have not use a pattern but your instructions give me the confidence to get started on another one. Will post a pic. when finished. Your instructions are easy to understand and the pics are very helpful. Thank you!

  4. Would you say this is fairly easy to do. It looks that way, but I’m a beginner and really like what you’ve done here! I’m gonna give it a whirl and see what happens. Thx for a great post!

    • hey Andrea,

      I am by no means a “good sewer” and can absolutely say this was really easy. Just remember to measure twice cut once!! as my dad (a builder) never tired of telling me:). Have a go with an old trashy shirt and some scrap to do a practice version. It may help you get a feel of whats to be done:) Let me know how you go! D

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