Let the children play – dirt!!

What a gorgeous, sunny day we had yesterday. While Master O napped, I spent some fun times with Miss E in the dust bowl that is the land surrounding our house (I still don’t think I could call it a garden!)

We had been planting in the morning and Miss E had been playing around Poppy while he worked on putting up our garden shed. She had a grand time filling her jacket pockets with dirt, and then walked around the place scattering it – or as she described it – planting seeds. I love her wonderful imagination…

One change of clothes later followed by some inside play, and we ventured out again so I could hang some clothes out.

We played the ‘peg game’ which is basically me asking for a number of pegs in certain colours/shapes etc. “Can I please have a pink peg and a white peg; can I have two blue pegs please; can you please pass me a yellow flower peg, a wooden peg and a white peg; and can I please have three pink pegs” are examples. She loves it because she is helping but it’s also been great in helping her with colour recognition and counting.


She lost interest after a while though and went back to playing in dirt – more specifically making mini ‘dirt castles’…

She found some treasures around her, a purple flower, stones, sticks and a dried thistle flower…


Then she did some dirt drawing – such fun!

Watering her wine barrel garden (see the original post about it here– after having all died off for a bit, the thyme, chives and oregano are thriving (as were the weeds which have since been pulled). Look at her top after that dirt play – a big long soak and a sunny day on the line is required for that one!


I know this post is going to freak Danni out LOL! But what are your favourite dirt play activities? I’m still hankering after a dirt kitchen like Squiggle Mum’s for the kids eventually, I should just get ny act together and do it! Does anyone else have something like this – or any other outdoor play ideas that they’d like to share (especially for people like us in the semi-country with no soft grass to play on!)



  1. coehlman says:

    Do it, do it! Our dirt kitchen is still going strong and the kids love whipping up mud puddings and weed soup in it. We don’t have soft grass either 🙂

    Cath / SquiggleMum

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