Fun Fridays

Fridays are Fun!!  It means the weekend is upon us!! YAY!

My Friday has been made even more fun today as I got to do a much needed clear out of all my sewing things and had a little trip to Spotlight (sort of like Home Depot, US readers) to stock up on LOADS of things so I can (finally) finish a selection of half done little projects (and start new ones), some of which may grace the Gettin’Crafty Tutorials sometime soon…

Things like a selection of pants for Miss Z – some baby tights and two pairs of cute little cords.  I’m hoping to make some cute little Owl knee patches to help the brown cords hold up to the load of crawling that should be coming soon!   How cute is the blue patterned cord material???  Just adorable!!      I’m also looking at a little baby sunhat and a snuggly winter sleepsuit so she can stay warm when she kicks off her bedclothes during the upcoming winter nights.

Today's Haul!

I’ve also been seeing alot of reno jobs on kids tshirts and singlets lately making them into darling little dresses and so I found some beautiful fabric to whip one up for Miss N.  She is the queen of pretty dresses and a new and incredibly funky one never goes astray!  She looks great in red and doesn’t have enough of it (such a girly girl – she prefers pink and purple…I’m getting slightly sick of that) and I really love the coordinating fabric I found for that project – its on the far right in the picture.   I also picked up the fake flowers, tiny fluffy easter chickens and ready-to-paint eggs to make into her chosen Easter Bonnet for the school parade.  I was honestly surprised at the one she chose – it sort of looks like someone’s garden has exploded atop her head…..lets hope I can make it look good!

This weekend is doubly fun for us as its time again for our annual local show.  Miss N and I have both exhibited again this year (she calls it “going in the competitions”) and so hopefully when we rock up on Sunday we can see if we have won any ribbons or prizes for our entries (Cupcakes and Chutney for me, Cookie Easter Faces, Decorated Easter Eggs and Artwork for her).  We shall indeed keep you updated on that.  If I win I’ll want to tell everyone:)

Wherever you are this weekend my lovely readers – make it be Fabulous, Fantastic and FUN!!!



  1. Love Spotlight – always seem to come home with too many buttons, and yarn, and paper….
    Looking forward to seeing your finished pieces.

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