Wicked weather week…

We’ve had a crazy, crazy weather in Tassie of late (and from what I’ve read, seen & heard it’s been the same Australia wide)…

This was a couple of weeks ago now, but the week of weather in photos…

Starting with a weekend of 39/40 degree days – best survived with a trip to MONA to wander around in their aircon and take in the wild and weird. And to eat a yummy cupcake…


Followed by an afternoon wallowing in the paddling pool, cold water and hot gusts of wind!


The kids watching Target the cat soaking up the heat…


We had awesome rainstorms, which made the best puddles for jumping in!



We also had some super strong wind, while we were out for the day which sadly picked up the paddling pool (secured with ropes and tent pegs), and deposited it clean over the other side of the house… The canopy now needs a fair bit of patching (insert sad face here…), at least the pool bit is intact…

On the plus side (as you now know from my post last week) – Miss E and Daddy got some planting done…


Have you had crazy weather lately? What do you do to cope, leave a comment and let us know…



  1. Definitely crazy weather! Beautiful photo I love the one of the kids watching the cat so cute! Hope the paddling pool lives to see another day 🙂

  2. Oh yes, it seems the weather is crazy everywhere. Love the photo of your little girl in the mud puddle.

  3. No crazy weather here… we’ve had a very mild winter, and it looks like spring is here (hopefully to stay??). Today the hi temp was 61ºF (16ºC), which was lovely… and this week is supposed to be in the high 60s /low 70s. That cupcake looks yum!

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