Hold on to your hats! It’s an Easter Parade!

YAY!  Easter is coming!!  Another excuse to feed your face and cram in as much chocolate as is humanly possible! (Not that I need any more of those hehe).

With Miss N at School this year I have just realised we will be needing some sort of millinery delight for the annual Easter Hat Parade.   This got me thinking and web searching and I must say I was appalled at some things people had made for their poor children to wear!    C’mon People!   Its a fun excuse to be crafty and NOT one to totally embaress your kids.  I was going to post up some pictures of horror headgear I found, however I decided not too (just to be nice).    With the abundance of cheapy shops around these days you really don’t need to be spending a ton however I’m sure you put your thinking cap on you can come up with something better than a boring hat cut and stapled out of paper.  Its really not that hard!

Here are a few delights I found that are inspiring me so far….

Clever and cute!!

How cute does she look in that!

Top hat with bunny Ears

This one just cracked me up – It gives new meaning to the term Egg Head!! (ha!!)

And my personal favourite – which I have named “Alice in Bunnyland”  comes to you courtesy of Martha Stewart (I mean really, who else??)

If you want the tutorial for these delightful ears, you can find it HERE.

I also came across this cute little baby bunny ears hat.  Basic, but dammit its cute!  Click HERE for the tutorial.

Since Miss N is not really a hat fan, she will most probably be more receptive to the bunny ears idea.  Which is great as I’m thinking that is something I can craft up fairly easily.  I really want to make Miss Z the baby hat too – its just too cute to leave alone:)



  1. Simple bit very awesome ideas!!,
    How to do the egg head hat? Would it be best woth the balloon and newspaper? Or some other idea?

  2. Does anyone know how to make the egg hat ?


  1. […] year Danni did a couple of posts about Easter Bonnet’s, there was this one showing some awesome bonnet ideas and this one where she made a funky flowery purple hat for Miss […]

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