Worldly Wednesday – The Best Roast Chicken

Who doesn’t love a Roast Chicken?  Its a staple in our house and to date I have found many ways of flavouring and serving one!

I thought today I would show you the classic and easy Roast Chicken, since loads of people I know still have issues when it comes to cooking one perfectly.    The best advice I have ever found was from Maggie Beer, who’s failsafe way to ensure a juicy roast has kept me going for a long time.  She recommends a peice of foil around the breast of the chook for half the cooking time and then swapping it to the legs for the other 40 mins.  Works an absolute treat!!  Of course you can put just about any flavours you like with a Roast Chicken and have it turn out fabulously good however today, this is my classic favourite.  No oil needed and not much butter either and I promise you will still get a lovely crispy skin!

I always do Roast Chicken in the BBQ (ours has a hood – its a necessity) however you could easily do the same in your oven.  I personally think BBQ’s are perfect as they keep the heat & cooking smells outside…(and you don’t have to clean them quite so often).


1 x good quality Free Range chicken (average size)

1/2 brown onion

1 x lemon

4 x cloves garlic – smashed

Thyme – dried or fresh (whatever you have)

Approx 50g butter – in small slices

Sea salt & cracked pepper

Roasting tray and rack


Preheat your BBQ or Oven to HOT (200 degrees C)

Put your rack inside the roasting tray

Smash the garlic cloves and toss them in the bottom of the tray

Place your chicken on the rack and tuck the wings under the body so they don’t burn

Place half your onion and half your lemon inside the cavity and either tuck the skin or seal to close

Carefully work the skin away from the breast (taking care not to rip it) and place a few slices of butter under the skin.  (You can massage the butter a little so its even if you like – i normally don’t bother).

Squeeze the juice of your remaining half lemon all over the chicken.  Chuck the lemon skin in the roasting tray – its all good flavour!

Season with salt and pepper and thyme.

Take a peice of foil, fold it in half so you have a double thickness and tuck it in and around the chicken breast.  This will help the breast to cook evenly and at the same rate as the legs.

Pop in your oven or BBQ (with the hood down) for 40mins.

A Top Tip is to use the burners that are to either side of the tray.  You may be able to see in the pictures here I have not used the burners that are directly under the tray – you will get more than enough heat from the others and you don’t want the chicken burned to a crisp:)

After 40 mins, take the foil off the breast and baste the chicken with the cooking juices.  Pop the foil around the legs this time and pop back in the oven for another 40 mins.

At the end of the cooking time, test by sticking a knife into the leg of the chicken next to the body. If the juices run clear, its ready.

Let the meat rest for 5-10mins and then serve up with some yummy sides.




  1. Like your double foil idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. dannijh says:

    Not a problem! It works so well!

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