The Backyard Farmer – Preparing is Caring

The Poor Backyard Farmer!!  Her crops are wilting, her beds are almost bare.    Its time to spruce up for the new season and get to planting!

Himself is in love with these little things called jiffy pods (used for nurturing his chilli’s, of which we currently have about 30 individual plants, including the top 2 hottest Chilli’s in the world! Argh!).  I must admit I see how fabulous they are (seeds get planted directly in them and then when the seedling has sprouted the whole thing goes directly in the soil – no mess, no fuss).   I saw a nifty trick on a forum I frequent  the other day showing how to make this cute, very enviro-friendly  little jiffy pod/seedling tube which is really similar so I figured I woudl give it a go.  All it is is toilet rolls or cardboard tubes cut down, stuffed with a little newspaper and soil and seeds can be planted and raised.  The little “pots” can then be planted directly in the ground and decompose to help enrich the soil.  FAB.  They do look a little, well – rustic!  however I’m holding out hope they will work:)  Please note the proper “pods” in the middle – just so you can see the difference.

I have a selection of new seeds to raise in these for the winter.  2 x types of Lettuce, Parsley, Cabbage, Carrots & Leeks.

I also managed to find a way to tie up my crawling creepers with a very basic home-made trellis of string.  On the left there is a Rasperry and on the right, a Boysenberry.  I’m crossing all extremities we have berries next season!

I made another for my cucumbers (which grow like weeds – lets hope we get lots of fruits!)

The pumpkin patch (small as it may be) is going crazy and I’m hoping to have an absolute truckload come wintertime.  I have 2 x types, Butternut (my favourite) and Queensland Blue (Himself’s choice).  I can already smell the pumpkin soup with fetta & chives calling my name!   YUMMMMM.

Our local farmers’ markets are on this coming Saturday and I’m heading out, basket in hand ready to collect a whole load of new seedlings.  I use so much fresh herb in my cooking my poor plants don’t ever survive so I figure I need a hell of a lot more of each to keep the patch big enough to survive my constant culling!!

Have a great Weekend Everyone!




  1. How come your raspberry and boysenberry are in containers and not in the ground? That’s a lot of cucumber you have in one planter. Your pumpkin patch looks good.

    • Norma, unfortunatly we are in a rented house so i don’t want to put too much in the ground that I will have trouble getting out again!

      Hmm, yes I did think I was over ambitious with the cukes! the last lot didn’t go too well so I figured they may be OK like this…should I have thinned them a little more you think?

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