Finger Food – Finally!

Well the time has come for us to start giving Miss Z finger foods.  Admittedly, I probably left it a bit later than most (she is almost 8 months now) however since she goes through a rusk in about 5 mins flat and has 4 new teeth emerging simultaneously I figure we may as well!

The problem I have is….what to give her?  There is loads to choose from and I just don’t know what to hand over first….A slice of soft chicken?  A wedge of cheese?  Vegemite toast? An arrowroot biscuit?  Its been so long I can’t remember!!!!!   Thankfully both himself and my darling Mummy will be here today to help so I won’t have to go through it on my own! Its amazing to think that I’m a 33yr old second time parent and I still call my mummy to ask for advice!!   (as John Mayer said so poetically….I don’t know how else to say it, don’t want to see my parents’ go…one generations’ length away from finding life out on my own).

Miss Z’s poor teeth are giving her the blues (she’s currently getting the top 6 all at once poor bugger!)  so I’m thinking maybe something cold would be a good option.  She has a teething fish thing that we put in the freezer which she loves and Himself has a good laugh at the fact it squeaks because she chews it so hard!

So – what I am asking you people is for suggestions.  Hand them over!  I’m all ears!   What did your little ones like?



  1. Oh so many things!! I can’t remember what Master O or Miss E had first, but, here are some of our Favourites…

    Try: toast fingers (I use the crust) spread with some avo…
    Grated cheese or carrot or apple
    Cruskitts/milk arrowroot
    Mango cut into slices and frozen
    Sticks of watermelon/rockmelon
    Grapes (peeled to start with) and sliced into halves or quarters.
    Cooked rice
    Pasta spirals
    Sliced chicken/beef/lamb
    Fruit toast

    Hope that helps 🙂

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