The not-entirely pleasant trick to guilt-free me time…

Can I just say I do think it is rather ironic that the only time I truly get time to myself is when I get gastro. A1 happily packs up the kids whilst holding his breath and disappears from the house in a blur…

It all started back in the wee hours of Sunday morning. We’d been out the night before at a murder mystery birthday party eating yummy treats such as A1’s cheesecake with freshly picked blackberry sauce and Oreo Mummys (it was an Egyptian theme) and Mixotrophy’s semolina cake and putting on truly atrocious accents…

Cheesecake and semolina cake

Oreo Mummies

Mum had stayed the night and the house was tucked up asleep when we came home. Then in the early hours, Miss E comes into the bedroom, quite upset, and smelling, well let’s just say she smelled odd… Flick on lamp to see her covered in spew. And now I was.
Literally hold her kicking and screaming in the shower and get her (and me) smelling good again.
She wouldn’t leave our sides so slept with us overnight. Was fine the next day until we were just about to go out and bang, sick again.

So it was inevitable I would get sick…
I managed to hold off until Tuesday. Miss E went to care on Tuesday – she had a whole day of feeling better, so it was just Master O and me. I decided to make a batch of cupcakes (with egg replacer so O could have one too) as a Valentine’s treat after dinner. My one concession to Valentine’s Day. (A1 and I looked at each other in the morning and said, so err, Happy Valentine’s Day. We’re so romantic! Especially as I was heading off to work that evening.) Halfway through the batch I started feeling off. I managed to get them in the oven and cooked, but couldn’t face icing them 😦
Put Master O down for his afternoon nap – thankfully he didn’t protest. Called work to cancel my shift and retired to the spare bed.
Went a full 24 hours with no food and barely any water before braving a Hydralyte icy pole (every house should have a pack of these in the freezer – next to the bottle of vodka)… Then some more water, some premium crackers, a mini cupcake (they are pretty good!) and a chupa chup…(Yes, my darling husband came home on Valentine’s Day evening with a bag of chupa chups and a pack of choc-coated raspberry licorice – he is a romantic after all – he knows I’d take sweeties over flowers any day!)
Though I think what sealed the recovery was a good dose of Pride and Prejudice and a laze on the couch, all by myself. Ahhh, the serenity…

I’m sure its not me, but on the rare times that I am without the kids and have the house by myself, I really can’t just relax. I think of all the million and one things that need doing and try to make a start on them (often all at once).

So lesson learnt for any Mummas out there wanting guilt free alone-time on the couch, just get yourself a tummy bug…


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