The Art of Eating Well

Thanks to an off-the-cuff remark from Nigella Lawson (on one of her shows), I have just started reading a book called “Risotto with Nettles”by Anna Del Conte.

I must admit (food lover that I am) before today I had no idea who this lady was or why she was so important to the world of (English) food.  In a chestnutshell, she taught the Bristish about Italian Food.

I love this type of book – part memior, part recipe book, part narrative of a bygone place & time when life was simpler and food something to be savoured and shared.

These days, thanks to shows like Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules and the rise of the “Celebrity Chef” it seems the world has forgotten about real food. All we are after is tasting the latest craze, trying some zany excuse for a science experiment Heston has created (if you can) or securing a place at Pilu or Guillaume at Bennelong where for what seems like a crazy sum you are presented with a huge plate and a tiny portion of food.

Don’t get me wrong, I, as much as the next person would love to be able to say “I’ve eaten with Mr Brahimi at the Opera House” but honestly, I would much rather spend that few hundred dollars on several bottles of great wine and some fresh ingredients which, with a little love, I could transform into something great.

I’ve been with Anna for what seems like a long time now (although I’m only up to page 42) however I’ve already dreamed about Lemon Granita, Quince Cheese, Truffles and Pasta e Fagioli della Vigilia di Natale (Pasta & Bean Soup – served at Christmas) and she’s made me drool thinking of the simple sensation that Polenta Pasticciata (Baked polenta layered with meat and covered in bachamel sauce) must seriously be.  All of which I must guess, would be just as fabulous as a meal with Giovanni P.

My point here is that good food doesn’t have to be poncy or expensive.  It shouldn’t be measured on the number of michelin stars the resteraunt has or weather your friends would think you great for eating there.  It should be about the aquisition of the best cuts you can afford, with which you do as little as possible, mixed with passion and love and shared.

That, my friends, is the art of eating well.



  1. Great post Danni and I couldn’t agree more – can you send me the book when you are done? Sounds fabulous!

    • Aha – well I would but my library might not agree with that!!!

      Check out your local – they would probably have it and if not – there is always the bookstore!


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