Wordly Wednesday – Beer Battered (Monk) Fish & Chips

Right, now I admit, its not entirely the healthiest meal out there but I DO love a good fish and chips.  Which, when you think about it is kind of strange as I don’t really like fish at all (go figure).

Himself is having issues trying to find fish that I like and making me eat it and I fear he has finally done it (albeit covered in batter, deep fried and served with full fat mayo – but hey at least its a win!).

He found some Monkfish fillets at the shops and served up this little treat last night.  I must say, I didn’t actually mind this fish at all.  Its not “fishy” (you fish haters will know what i mean by that), its not oily, its a meaty consistency (more like crocodile or chicken than fish) & very bland flavour-like which is good as it means it will take up whatever flavour you decide to put with it.    I did make the mistake of googling a monkfish to see what it looks like BEFORE eating my meal.  I DO NOT suggest you do this.  Lets be very nice and say its not exactly the prettiest fish in the world!!!  It may give you the wrong idea about what it tastes like and I promise – it IS actually quite lovely.


Serves 4


4 x Monkfish fillets – bones removed (there were not many)

1/2 can cold beer (feel free to drink the rest)

Tempura batter powder mix – not quite sure how much – add slowly and see how you go (all depends if you like a thick or thin batter)

3 x large potatoes – sliced into thin chips.

A large pot of vegetable oil (or similar, don’t use your good extra virgin for gods sake!)


Heat your oil on a med. heat (you want a chip to start bubbling when you plop it in).

Slice your chips (i leave the skins on – its where all the nutrients are and you cant tell when they are done anyway).

Fry the chips in batches for 2-3 mins and rest on a paper towel.  They should only be half-cooked at this stage.

Mix up your tempura batter with the cold beer until you have a thick-ish batter you are happy with.

Pop in your fish fillets and place straight into the oil until golden.  Remove and place on paper towel.

While the fish is draining, put the chips back in for another 2 – 3 mins to crisp up and get nice & crunchy.  Drain.

Serve with a yummy mayo, or a nice tartare or whatever you like having your fish & chips with!!



  1. Love it, must give Monkfish a try, without Googling it.

    Have you seen Heston Blumentals Search for Perfection – Fish and Chips episode? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr3Rrzrv8vU)

    I tried the methods of batter and chips. The batter is a massive win. The crispiest, lightest batter ever. The chips, not quite sold. But I have taken a leaf from his book: Boil until almost falling apart, drain, put in fridge. Then half an hour later I spray them with olive oil and put into the hottest oven possible until golden. (Frying could be an alternative here, but I do not have one)

    Typing this makes me want to go get some fish for Friday night.


  1. […] fillets that I liked so much the last time we cooked them.  You can find that great recipe HERE.  For this recipe, any firm white fish will […]

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