Gettin’ Crafty Tutorial – A Charging Station!

Today I am again linking up with the Sew Darn Crafty Party.  Remember to check out the link at the bottom of the post!

Something I hate around my place is cables and mess and phones charging in my kitchen (they are always in the way).  I saw a while back an awesome charging station from Pottery Barn (it’s called a Bedford Charging Station, see pic below) and have coveted it ever since.

The issue is, it’s going to cost a lot to buy it and have it sent here (although, big Yay’s now that Pottery Barn DO actually ship to Australia – Wheeee!!)  so I had a fabbo idea to make my own.

I found a cute writing desk in Bunnings for $16, which is plain MDF and ready to go.  I picked up a sample pot of paint in Antique White USA (BTW, in case you care the British Paints version, same colour was $6.00 for 500ml and the Dulux was $5.99 for $250ml!!!! Score!  See it pays to talk to the guys at the paint counter….he mixed it up for me on the spot).

All I did was use a hole saw attachement to the drill and made 4 x circular holes out of the top of the lid (above the hinges).  Then I made another hole in the back wall of the unit.

Then the whole thing got a few coats of paint and some spray gloss to finish.

Now all you do is pop a 4 x plug powerboard inside the desk, and plug in your chargers.  Thread the end of the charging cable up through the holes in the lid and connect to your item to be charged, which now can sit nicely on the lid.  The cord from the pwerboard gets threaded out the hole in the back of the unit and plugged into the wall.  All the cables and cords are kept inside the unit and out of the way.

Hey Presto!!

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  1. You are a wonder what a good idea! Crafy chick you are. Leonie xxx

  2. Why thankyou!

  3. Michelle says:

    I love it! What a great idea!

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