….but, its a school night!

Well Hooray!

The time has finally come and today Himself, Miss Z and I took Miss N up for her first day of “Big” School.

Personally I have never been so excited.  Himself thinks I was over-excited (because apparently, it sounded like I wanted to get rid of her) but really, this is the girl who (albeit with a slight lack of sociability) should have been at school LAST year.  She is SO ready!  For the last 6months I have been pulling my hair out trying to keep up with her voracious appetite for knoweledge and need of “things to do”.  Apparently gardening, artworks and all sorts of books and games were just not cutting the mustard.

I made a special breakfast of berry pancakes for her special day and we braved the rain and the misery the weather afforded us with smiles on our dials.  Miss N was mega excited and there was no tears, no clutching, nothing of the behaviour I hear all my friends talking of.   We found her class teacher, said our goodbyes, and retreated to the back of the room and laughed with another mum & dad about the inability of some (MANY!!) parents to leave their children alone and let them (and their teachers) get on with it.

Before you all jump down my throat, I know not everyone is like me and believe me I won’t laugh at you all for shedding tear or two in the same situation however I’m sure you are not like mummy #1 who, (after being told more than several times to drop off her child and walk away) could be found trotting after her son in the class line (on the way to their classroom) busily putting her sons raincoat on him (it was drizzling but no one else was wearing one) telling him god knows what all whilst CARRYING HIS BAG.  Seriously.

However.  Its all said and done and we ended up this evening with a wine and some ice cream to celebrate.  Himself (meanly, I thought) fessed up to Miss N when she was in bed.  Why?!!  No Matter anyway, she’s not allowed – because (ahem, always wanted to say this and mean it!)……its a school night!!!!!



  1. Bahaha! I love the school night excuse – will be looking forward to using that one myself!

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