Worldly Wednesday – Blanched Asparagus, Poached Egg and Smoked Salmon

Jamie.  Oh Jamie!!  He is so UN-Chef like and non-poncy its the main reason I love him…apart from the fact everything he cooks, I want to eat!!

Today’s recipe comes from his latest offering “Jamie’s Great Britan”.  What’s NOT to love about Eggs Benedict I can’t tell you and this recipe is almost the same.  OK well apart from the distinct lack of Hollandaise…hmm.

In typical me style, I am substituting my own smoked salmon portion for ham (I can’t STAND smoked salmon – yuk!) The rest of the family loves it though, so lucky for them, they get extra!


Serves 4 (or two starving people)

Salt & Ground Black Pepper

2 knobs butter

2 x lemons

Olive oil

Dried chilli flakes

Inner yellow leaves from 1 x head celery

A few sprigs of frdh tarragon

4 x large free range eggs

500g green asparagus (woody ends snapped off)

Roughly 240g smoked salmon (8 slices)


Half fill a medium -large saucepan with water, season and bring to the boil;

Instead of putting a lid on, put a large bowl on top but don’t let it touch the water.  Put the butter, pinch of salt and pepper and juice of 1 x lemon into the bowl.

(This is going to sound “cheffy, he says!!) Tear off 8 sheets of good quality cling film about 40cm square.  Get 4 teacups or small bowls and rub the rims with oil.  Place a double layer of clingfilm on each one and carefully push in so it snugly lines the cups.  Use your finger to lightly oil the inside – this will help the eggs come out easily at the end.  Put a tiny pinch of S & P and chilli flakes in each one and then pick the tarragon and celery leaves and divide between the cups.  Try to help these flavours spread up the sides, if you can.

Carefully crack the egg into the clingfilm then gently push the yolk down so the white is all around it (without it breaking).  Bring the clingfilm up into a bundle then tie it into a knot and try to squeeze the knot down so it creates a perfect pouch and seals it (imagine a goldfish in a plastic bag!).

Once the water is boiling, remove the bowl (the butter should be melted) set aside, and place your eggs in the water along with the asparagus.  It takes about 5 – 6 minutes at a gentle simmer for a large egg.  Place the bowl or a lid back on and after 3 or 4 minutes remove the asparagus into the bowl of lemony butter and toss.

Meanwhile, arrange 2 pieces of the smoked salmon on each plate.  Pull out one of your eggs after 5 minutes and have a little feel.  It should have a similar texture to a fresh mozzarella.  If it still seems undercooked, pop in back in for another minute or so.

Neatly divide your asparagus between your plates. Cut off the clingfilm knots with a pair of scissors, carefully peel away the rest and carefully lift the eggs with a tablespoon and serve them right on top of the asparagus.    Poke a knife in and let the yolk run, and serve with wedges of lemon on the side.

Fabulous, Yummy, Delish.  All Plates Cleaned – even the child’s!!!

Try it yourself, I bEGG you (HAHA!!)



  1. Oh Danni – yum!! Three of my fave things! Been meaning to try the cling film egg thing for a whole too!

    I love Jamie too!

  2. Cling film eggs are so much fun!

    Very easy to lay the cling film over a large muffin tray too if you’re doing lots of eggs.

    And you can string them onto a bamboo skewer and rest that over the top of the saucepan so you don’t have to fish them out. Ok, so I like my poached eggs…. 🙂

  3. This article really helped me impress when friends stayed overnight. It helped detract from the embaressment of my dancing on Just Dance 3 too! Thanks for posting this.

    • Haha! Not a problem. Impressive is our middle name!! So glad it worked out for you! Come and try some of other other recipes for further memorable evenings!!

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