The fantastic plastic organizing frenzy!

Perhaps this post would be better known as “All I wanted was a container to put the cheese in…” Put simply, a few days ago saw me with a fit of purpose I haven’t seen the likes of since I was pregnant and ‘nesting’. We’d had a new fridge delivered earlier in the week and I was restocking it.

Some of you may already know how much Danni and I loved Super Organiser Mum’s posts. And I got these few tips from her – when you buy any fruit that needs chopping (eg. Melons), do it as soon as you get home from shopping. A great tip for me as otherwise a couple of pieces get chopped off and then it tends to get forgotten and languishes in the fridge, creating its own fuzzy ecosystem.
She also suggests a great money saving tip of buying the kilogram blocks of cheese, grating half and chopping the other half into blocks (or cubes, whatever your juniors’ prefer). It saves money on buying cheese sticks and grated cheese and saves heaps of time too!
I had bought some watermelon and cheese and was wanting to chop and grate. But do you think I could find the right container? A1 had cleaned out the plastics drawer a few weeks ago, but we’d unpacked another box of plastics in the meantime so it had gotten messy again. So I started sorting through all the plastic containers, big and small. I wish I had thought to take a photo before I started but this is what our bench looked like ‘during’ the sorting…


Bit of a shambles really…
I had begun to sort into size and purpose and match up lids. I’d also pulled out all the stuff from the third drawer drawn (everyone has one of these, right?) and chucked away any broken or never used stuff and reorganized it a bit. This still needs a little work, but the end result…


I then pulled together all my cookie cutters, sandwich shapers and anything else I use for making bento-inspired lunches and popped these together on a little container. I popped it all in our plastics drawer on top of the lid (in case I ever need to use the container – there is no searching for the lid).


Next were all the little containers I use to pop food and bits and pieces in when we are out and about. Didn’t realise just how many we’d accumulated! Again, into a container with the lid underneath…


Icytups and also the netting food thingies I chuck the more awkward shaped frozen fruit in for Master O…


Snack cups stacked together and their lids; bottle/feeding stuff; container clips for marking contents.

The larger containers and lids (some yet to find their home) to be put into the bigger container cupboard. At least it will take up less room now.


And the end result. A much more organised drawer – yay me!


So finally I had some lids and their matching containers so I could grate and cut my cheese!



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