Bite size breakfast fun

Yesterday I woke up to a beautiful day – slightly hungover…
We’d spent another great night with the across-the-road neighbours eating yummy food, enjoying some very nice wine and the watching the kids play together.

Was a great time, though we came home and had to evict a possum (oops to leaving the windows open too wide). Morning came, along with a headache and A1 (bless him) gave me some sleep-in time while he chilled out with Miss E, and Master O (also bless) slept until 8:30. I got up just before O and I figured I should feed the kids! I couldn’t face food didn’t feel inspired. Then I checked my email and had a Fun food Friday post from Meet The Dubiens waiting for me…
This site is a new favourite for me and I am so inspired by Jill’s lovely ideas. Including the cute lunch plate from the above post.

So I made Miss E a cute breakfast. And Master O got all the toast off cuts and some fruit as well…


So it’s just a silicon baking cup (which I’m not a fan of for baking so any other use for them I’m excited about) filled with yoghurt and sliced strawberries.
A honey topped butterfly toast with a few sprinkles and writing icing eyes.
A my first Vegemite elephant toast with writing icing eyes.
Miss E gobbled it up!

(Edited) I thought I would add in today’s slightly less pretty attempt! Honey toast, cherry tomatoes, apricots from Dad’s tree and yoghurt with blueberries…




  1. Adorable 🙂

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