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Well.  I know I did a post awhile back about Organisation – Toy Storage however I’m happy (or sorry?!) to say that I’ve used my Womens’ Perogative and changed my mind again.  I’ve done something new!!!

As I am starting my own business (well, another one, as well as Utopian Delights) I am going to need a lot of storage space to house product so I am taking over our back room for my office/workroom.  That being the case, all of the things in the toy department will have to go.  I don’t want the girls in the back room with all those boxes…both for safety and sanity’s sake!

I have then, spent the last week or so trying to find a place for all of the toy stuff that used to live in the back room.  I managed easily enough to move all the girls books to their own rooms and give me 2 more shelves on my bookcases.  Then I had the slighty harder prospect of what to do with everything else.

You remember the toy department looked like this..(Good Lord that is a LOT of stuff to re-house!)

Miss Z’s room now looks like this with all of her books and stuff;

I used some wicker baskets I already had for under-the-cot toy storage;

And then used an empty plastic storage box to house the nappies and associated stuff (which used to live in one of the wicker baskets)

Miss N’s room now looks like this

I also used one of the dark blue plastic toy tubs in the bottom of her wardrobe as a place for her shoes and another for her little bags.

Other places got the neat treatment too.   I grabbed some cute baskets from Kmart (only $3 each) to house the bibs and face cloths in the kitchen so we don’t have to keep running back & forth from Miss Z’s room everytime we need one.

I also got a great idea to use some Archive boxes (which I plan to cover in fabric) to house all of the girls drawings and craft and other special bits & peices we are keeping.  Miss N used to have a scrapbooking folder for this purpose but that ran out of space wayyy too soon and I cant add any more refills!!  Its also not the best for holding some things so there is papers and ribbons poking out the top and looking untidy (can’t have that now!!).  I have used the large size ziplock bags to keep all the papers and such safe from dust & damage which works really well.  They do actually hold quite a lot in them and are bigger all around than an A4 page so you don’t have fold too many things.

Now its on to organising the office/workroom.  I’ll share that with you all in a future post!!



  1. I love the owls, I think they are really cute.. The baskets are a good idea, because plastic boxes don’t look as nice.. 🙂 Thanks for the post!

  2. Emma Tameside says:

    We use small baskets all around the apartment too. I don’t know how we ever lived without them! I think we got them from IKEA a while ago, but they keep all the little bits and pieces that make the home look cluttered otherwise.

    We’ve only got the one child at the moment, a 2 year old boy, but already his toys are starting to take over the apartment too! All our larger stuff we keep in our Gloucester self storage, because there’s just no way we can fit our kayaks and bikes in the apartment, but other than that, we’ve done pretty well at reclaiming little bits of unused space around the home. It’s amazing how much peace of mind you can achieve with a serious de-clutter!

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