Getting Crafty Tutorial – A Covered Pinboard! Its a Blog Linkup Party!

OK.  I have spent the last week in gushes of admiration and joy for my new found best blog.  Its called Sew Darn Crafty (cute huh?).

Karen is from New England in the USA and her blog is a treat!   I am linking to her blog today as I’ve wanted to share with you my “redo” of Miss N’s pinboard for a while now and just never got around to it.  Whilst reading her blog this week I noticed she has a “Sew Darn Crafty Party” so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get stuck in!  Once you have read this blog you can click on the link below and you will be re-directed to Sew Darn Crafty where you can check out all the other fantastic craft projects people have done.  Some of them are just sensational!!

When I first made this pinboard a few years ago, I had got some board free from work when we were having a clean out.  The pins never stayed in and it ticked me off for ages until I realised that it was not corkboard but some strange ceiling material that used to sit on the rafters in the office. Duh. However I saw, just by accident the other day a large pinboard in the reject shop for $12 and picked it up.  It does have a frame and although I wanted the board to be frameless, once the material is on you can’t see it anyway.  You just can’t use the push pins right at the edge but I don’t really think Miss N is going to care about that:).

I used all the materials from the old pinboard (which was a little larger) so I knew I had enough to go round.  If you are starting this from scratch you will need to ensure you measure properly before buying your fabric and coordinating ribbon.  I went for a lovely pastel pink and sage green (very complimentary with her girly room).

Lay your material right side down on the floor and place the pinboard right side down on top of it. Ensure you have enough material around the edges to fold over once and then fold up to the frame.  This gives you a nice clean edge. (If you are anything like me you may have to trim as you go!!). Use an upholstery staple gun (you can get these from Bunnings or other crafty places for next to nothing) to secure the bottom edge to your frame.

Leave a space of about 3 inches in from the corner. Move to the other side of the board, pull the material taught and repeat.

For the corners, imagine you are wrapping a present.  You need to pick up the corner of the material and move it diagonally to meet the edge of the frame (so you now have a little triangle fold). Repeat for the other end (you may need to put something weighted on the end to hold it, you may not have enough hands!).  Now fold up the edge of the material and fold up again to meet the frame and staple to secure.

Always work from the middle out, it ensures you get no wonky stretches in your fabric. Continue all the way around until your board is covered in fabric.

Next, flip your board right side up and arrange your ribbon on top is a crisscross fashion, ensuring you have enough allowance off the edges for it to wrap around to the back of the frame and be secured.  I chose a diamond pattern, however I’m sure you could do regular squares or something else if you rather. Use some push pins (I just had regular silver tacks, as I couldn’t find the crystal-looking pins I REALLY wanted anywhere, although now AFTER the fact I saw a funky idea on Karen’s blog about using some hot glue to stick buttons/other beads ontop of regular tacks…may have to do that soon and replace all these pins LOL!) and insert a pin onto each junction of your ribbon.

Carefully flip the board over again, double check all your ribbons are in place and then work along from the middle outwards stapling the ribbon to the back of the frame.  Trim your ribbons if you need too to ensure it all looks nice and pretty.

Attach the wall hanger or staple on some taught string to the back of the frame and hang up.   Now its time to fill with all your pictures, drawings and precious things!!  Hurrah!!

Remember to check out all the other fabulous crafty projects at Sew Darn Crafty by clicking on the link HERE.


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