Worldly Wednesday – Triple Brie & Cranberry “Dip”

Right.  So I’m not allowed to actually take the applause for this creation as I nicked the idea from my sister, but we can all just forget that part!!!   No idea where SHE got it from however she made it at Christmas and although I only had about two teeny tiny mouthfuls I must tell you it is a SENSATION.  I did end up making it myself for Miss Z’s Baptism Party NYD and it went off like a hit there aswell.

Triple Cream Brie & Cramberry “Dip”

1 x Triple Cream Brie – the best you can afford.

1 x handful baby rocket

1 x big handful pecans/walnuts/i guess whatever you like that matches-type nuts!!! Roughly chopped.

4 x Tablespoons Cranberry Sauce (be sure to get one that includes whole cranberries, NOT the jelly stuff)

4 x Tablespoons nice red Wine or Port


Put your cheese on a platter;

Arrange with rocket around the cheese;

Heat the cranberry sauce and alcohol until amalgamated and pour over cheese;

Sprinkle with nuts;

Grab some really yummy bikkies and or bread and dig right in!!!!!



  1. That does look good!

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