Happy new flu…

I’m bracing myself – it seems the first cold or flu of the year is upon us…
But I’ll back up a bit…

The weekend saw us hosting a BBQ so we could properly meet our across-the-road neighbours. We’ve so far had long over the fence chats with them, but we had yet to see inside each others houses.
So Saturday arvo saw them walk on over, yummy salad in hand, with their little boy, who is 6 months older than Miss E. I even got a pressie of Napoleon lip gloss from them – I love these guys already! Suffice to say we had a fantastic time, the kids got along like a house on fire (seriously, Miss E played so nicely with him, normally there is a lot of biff and shouting between all her friends, it was actually relaxing to watch them play!)

At bedtime for the kids we parted ways, though the next morning I still managed to be nursing a pretty spectacular hangover…

But during the evening, we’d been discussing child care, schools and of course our kids and we’d actually said, Miss E hasn’t been sick in quite a while.

So of course, along with my hangover, the morning delivered a cranky child with a cough and a runny nose. Seriously.

We had to handle her with kid gloves yesterday she was flying off the handle at the slightest thing. I was planning on having her help out with the cooking for the Sweet Adventures Death by Chocolate Blog Hop, but instead I sent her off on adventures with her Daddy, as she was just a bit too fragile…
(FYI I will be posting up our blog hop entry in the next day or so – and we are planning on including some thermomix love for those of you with TM’s…)

So back to the beginning, I am bracing myself. It’s been a while since she has been sick and looking back it was building up last week, she was emotional and cranky for half the week. This could be a big one! And I have the beginnings of it too. I’m determined to fight it off, as being a casual worker I don’t get sick pay.
This morning has seen me fill up with Berocca and our breakfast has included watermelon, apricots, strawberries and blueberries in the hope that a fruit overload will keep some nasties at bay. Might have to make a chicken soup for dinner tonight – shame I have to work!

We also have today and tomorrow forecast as hot days, 27 and 30. For those doubters out there, that is quite hot as the Tassie sun is strong. Yes, I hear those mainlanders scoffing, but it is true – Danni can attest – she flew down here for the day just after Miss E was born. Talk about best friend ever – who flies interstate for the day to visit? You rock Miss D! But anyway, it was forecast to be 17 degrees and she wore her Winter woollies, only for it to be sunny and very warm!
So anyway, warm weather activities for a sick 3 year old – ideas anyone?

I shall be setting up a drawing station and thought I might get some gum leaves from the tree and crayons to do some rubbings. A special treat of a DVD and snuggles on the couch (we’ve been on tv/DVD detox of late so it really would be a treat)…

She’s just requested pass-the-parcel, um, ok sweetheart that would be, interesting…. Any other ideas?



  1. Ali Bridger says:

    Half fill a tub or shallow bucket with water and add a few waterproof toys. Strangely the plug from the sink is usually a hit, and maybe a few items from a toy tea set. My kids are older and play in the actual sink, standing on a chair. You could put an old towel on the kitchen floor and put the tub there. Much fun. Even more fun if you let them get messy with a cheap can of shaving foam. When they are finished, give them a mop and they can clean the floor for you!

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