Its a Partaaay:)

OK so your Christmas was probably over and you were welcoming in the New Year with a glass of Gin Fizz or two.  Think of me. Having a quiet night in (sort of) with a houseful of people and a Baptism Party to be had the next day.  Yeah Yeah. I know. I’m Insane.  Honestly though, it was the ONLY day that we could do it, It had to be over Christmas whilst everyone was here and I DID promise to hand out the sunnies, the Nurofens and the hairs of the dog to all those present….

Thankfully though, in my normal super organiser style I had pretty much done it all beforehand and so only had a few things to finalise the night before……a few salads to make, tables to set and a few hundred cupcakes to ice and decorate.  OK so it was only 48 but it sure as hell felt like a lot more!!!   Thankfully I had help in the form of my SIL Mrs P who owed me one.  She was also a captive as her kids were asleep in my house and she had nowhere else to go.  Personally I think the lure of licking the (massive kitchenaid sized) beater was bait enough:).

NYD Dawned and we had to leave the house by 11am sharp.  At 9 am, with 4 adults and 5 kids to get showered, dressed and out the door Himself decided it was a good time to do the lawns.(!)  He managed to rope in the assistance of Mr P who I’m sure was trying to think of some way to get out of it:)  Thankfully, between the two of them they managed to get it all done in time.  (Thankyou Mr P!).

The Cake turned out pretty well albeit not as perfect as my OCD self would have liked (isn’t it always the way…).  I even managed to create some pretty good Gluten Free Cupcakes for the tower so that my MIL would be able to join in the taste fest and not feel left out like usual.  I had 3 epic fails of GF Cakes that previous week and so was immensely happy when one version finally worked.  All I did was use a regular recipe and swap the regular flour for the GF stuff.  Insane. I don’t even want to think about how much dosh it costs me for the 3 binned versions containing mountainous amounts of chocolate and almond meal.

So in short, we had a lovely day.  The sun was out, the drinks were cold, the baby was exhausted and that’s the first of many events for this year over and done with.

Bring on the rest of 2012!!  I’m-a-ready-for-ya:)


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