2012 the year of loving life…

Happy New Year to all our readers!
Both Danni and I want to thank you for supporting us for the past 6 months, we are really excited about the year ahead and look forward to bringing you lots of bloggy goodness. It is going to be a great year!

2011 was a bit of a stressful year, building a house, taking over Dad’s house (I don’t know how he put up with us and my goodness it must be QUIET there now – he is now starting to renovate!), one job totally up in the air for months on end until a very sudden end to all shifts, starting a new job, dealing with a much loved newborn who was refluxy, the terrible two’s for Miss E – need I go on?

This year will be better! We are in our brand new home, I feel more relaxed already. Master O is at a lovely age (9.5 months) – he’s so much fun and Miss E is communicating with us so much better now, everything is just easier!

So far, the New Year has been incredibly kind to us!

New Years Eve was spent with a small group of our close friends at our place – we set up a portable gazebo in our dust bowl yard, laid out carpet (literally), armchairs, bean bag and hammock. We had a campfire, toasted marshmallows, BBQ, attempted to make glowstick lanterns (succeeded in getting glow stick innards all over the place and very little in the glass jars), the kids played (and crashed around 10pm), we watched the fireworks peep over the surrounding hillsides… Bliss!

Since then, A1 has installed our vintage washing line. I had to have an old style hills hoist – it needed to be big and tough so we had Dad on the case scouring the buy and sell pages of the newspaper for one. I love it – it’s even older than Dad’s 1970’s one!


I’m now slowly working my way through the massive backlog of washing from not having the washing line – its getting there!

The amazing A1 has also been digging a path along the side of the house each night after getting home from work, so that we can pave through there soon so we don’t have 6 inches of clay sticking to our feet when it rains. Gotta love a clay soil! it will also give the kids an area to ride their bikes around on – even a bigger priority!

Have had a fabulous holiday period catching up with friends, the kids having playdates in their new house and rediscovering old books and toys as they have been unpacked.

Yesterday we had a lovely mini family tea party for my Mum’s birthday, organised by my cousin, she did a fabulous job and we all bought along some goodies to share – too many yummies to mention!

We were given two olive trees as an awesome housewarming gift on New Years Eve and A1 spent today digging through rock hard ground, preparing soil and planting the first two trees of our planned mini olive grove – we hope to eventually have around a dozen olive trees. It promptly blew a gale once he finished, but so far they are surviving. They just need to survive the wallabies and possums now!


A1 then went and brought groceries, cooked dinner AND installed a pendant light in Master O’s room – husband of the year already!

I also wanted to share this cool idea Danni came across on Pinterest – freezing lemon slices in muffin trays to create awesome big lemony ice circles for big jugs of cool drinks on a Summer’s day – or for big glasses of G&T! I make a whole tray and then store on ziplock freezer bags.


Soon I’ll post as to where I’m at as far as progress in organising/decorating each room. There are still some boxes, but it’s slowly getting there!



  1. Ali Bridger says:

    I love the frozen lemon idea. Was it tricky to get the frozen blocks out of the tray?

    • Most of them slide out if you push one side of the block down (I have a non stick pan). The more persistent ones would require a little warm water over the back of the pan, then popped the Pam upside down on the bench top, a tap on the back and they came out…

  2. Go the hills hoist!!! All the better for the kids to swing on 🙂

  3. I’ve got a Hills Hoist at my new place too. It doesn’t go up or down anymore but loving the space between the lines. Looking forward to seeing your organising tips for each room. That’s on my to do list here and I need inspiration before I spend $$ ineffectively.

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