Pick a box (any box)

Well, we are in! Living amongst boxes, as you will see, but we are here, living in our own house and I can hardly believe it is true! I’m currently sitting on the couch, with a soft breeze coming through the open window, its a beautiful mild night. The sun has set, and I can see the silhouette of our big gum against the last of the days’ light, and I can hear crickets chirping, the occasional frog and the local kookaburras having a laugh off in the distance. I’m eating the block of pineapple chocolate that Dad handed to me as I walked out the door on Saturday – urging me to put my feet up tonight and enjoy some, well it took another two days Dad but I’m doing it – thanks!

I was meant to finish off this post this morning, but I was typing away on my phone and my battery died, and then I couldn’t find the charger… Did I mention we are living among boxes? We have no home internet for the forseeable  future, though that may not be that long as I know DH wont put up with that! So I’m feeling rather clever right now, typing away at my laptop which is using my iPhone as a personal wifi hotspot thingy (that’s the technical term)…

So back to the post… The move went so well. The well-oiled moving machine that is DH (who shall hence forth be known as A1) and his mate who is known as A2 as well as Dad had it all under control. We managed to get everything that was in storage in the truck in one go with their packing prowess… Check it out, don’t open the door too quickly when you get there boys!

Packing prowess

So we headed back to the house and unloaded the first lot, had a bite to eat then when back to Dad’s to pick up the rest. Even Ella’s garden got moved…

Ella's garden

My wonderful cousin and her husband who had provided us with a storage area under their house for over a year also babysat the kids for the day, along with my aunt, which made our lives oh so much easier!

So we are now living amongst boxes while I unpack. My Mothers group are coming around on Friday so I am doing my best to be unpacked and organised by then. It’s a big task. My tactic is to pick a box and totally unpack it, not to get bored and pick a more interesting box halfway through. I put away as much as I can, unknowns go to thes pare room until a home is found. This is currently what our living/dining area looks like…


The study/spare bedroom…


Our walk in wardrobe, loungeroom, kitchen and pantry are in similar states. My first concern was to get the kids rooms sorted and comfortable, which they are. Will do some before and after posts of their rooms soon, once I get the decorating happening.

The following things I am so thankful for. The little things that make the stress of building, and moving/unpacking etc worthwhile… The view from our bedroom window on our first morning in the house – Sunday… Ignore the pallet of bricks!

Wake up sleepy heads

And a sunny day bike ride for Miss E up and down our new street….

Bike ride

I’m also hugely thankful for the hard work and support from friends and family over the weekend to make the move easier. So to A2, Dad, Alli, Dale and Rose a massive big thank you for your help on Saturday. To Mum, thanks for looking after the kiddies on Sunday while I dashed out to pick up more stuff from Dad’s house and the supermarket. Any extra big thanks to Dad for letting us take over his life and house for over a year, and to Alli and Dale for letting us take over under their house with our gear for that long too. And from me, personally to my A1 man! For being such a support over the past year, and for getting all the blinds up in the bedrooms so we could get a blessed decent nights sleep last night – you rock xxx

So what are your tips for unpacking? What works for you?



  1. Hooray! SO glad to see you are in!. Since Himself and I have moved about 8 times in 11 years, we have the perfected means of unpacking down to an absolute tee:

    1. label your boxes with numbers and others with letters.

    2. When you PACK said boxes, spend the extra 5 mins to write down in an excel spreadsheet what you put in each box (i.e Box A – Pots and pans, blender, coffee machine) so that when you need to find something, all you need to do is CNTRL F for find and type in “Coffee machine”. It will come up automatically – Box A!!!! No more rummaging around several boxes for what you want.

    3. Get stuck in to unpacking and don’t stop until its done. Personally I can’t stand living in a sea of boxes and we always get in and unpack in a day or so so its all done. Mucho Easier I reckon!!!

    xoxoxo D

    • I did the spreadsheet for the Sydney/Tassie move, well I started it, then went ahead of A1 and he ditched the system. But this time around I was pregnant and had a two year old. No time or patience for all that…
      Have moved 12 times in 14 years, you think I would know better…

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