A week in retrospect….(and someone hand me a wine!)

Well its the end of the year again and I for one have not had such a busy week for a long LONG time.

Our Christmas Tree is up and thankfully everyone gave me a wide berth and let me be my OCD self so I could put the decorations EXACTLY.  Miss N was even found to be chanting my mantra as she tried to help.  “Step back and look, find a hole, fill it in”. I am strange, I know:)

Miss N and her Ballet have finished (hurrah!) and the concert done and dusted.  Himself may never be allowed to go on his own again after accidently deleting all the photos and then failing to recognise his own child in the lineup of little Minnie Mouses (Mice?) and pretty much cutting her out of the (illegal) video altogether.  I’m still a tad ticked off.  Not quite as much now as I was on Sunday morning, yet still upset. I am however, trying to make myself feel better daily by laughing at him for being such a doofus. (Said with all the love a good wifey can give, don’t be too upset darling!).

Swimming lessons have also finished and the exciting part about that is that Miss N can finally move up to the next level (after WAY to many terms lagging behind).  Last week I was sideline watching intently (OK so I was Facebooking) and I notice she still has her undies on underneath her togs. No wonder her teacher was looking at me strangely.  Probably a good thing though in hindsight (haha) as the swimmers in question have been eaten away so badly by the chlorine you could probably see her backside through them anyway!

Playgroup had our Christmas Party too at a local playcentre which all the littlies seem to enjoy immensely.  I spent half the lunchtime session slagging off the helper girl (who quite obviously has no kids of her own) with one of the other mums as she insisted on blowing bubbles all over the kids food and drinks and telling them to “pop the bubbles” which caused them all (although mostly my child, I must admit) to jump about and wave their arms around madly which caused food and drink spillages left right and centre.  Honestly. In the end I just gave up, repossesed a plate of party mix and retreated to a spot where I couldn’t see:)

Thankfully I (sort of) get Friday off and I am off to a Christmas Catchup with the girls from the Bizness Babes program.  It should be a fun child free day so I may just treat myself to a stroll through the QVB and a pit stop at Haighs on the way home:)

Finally, I must admit that I’ve done something this week I always told myself I would NEVER do.   Yes yes, its horrible….I bought a pair of Wedges!  Very pretty ones too if I do say so myself:)

I must be off now and treat my tootsies to a Pedi so they feel happy to be shown off:)



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