The Shortcut Cook

This post is dedicated to my Sis-In-Law Mrs L.  She calls herself “The Shortcut Cook” which never fails to amuse me.

There is nothing wrong with shortcuts.  Frozen Peas are tops, Pastry I just DON’T do and if tomatoes in a can had never been invented I fear my poor family would starve.  This week I was whipping up a quick batch of muffin cakes (Not cupcakes and not muffins, so…Muffin cakes?!!)  to freeze for lunches and snacks and took PLENTY of shortcuts myself.  The best thing is…You Can Too!!! Here’s How.

Banana, Berry & Oat Muffin Cakes

Start with any old plain packet cake mix

Mix as Directed and add in 1 x mashed banana.  I did actually not have to include as much milk as the packet said due to the banana being very wet…Just see how you go.

Add a few handfuls of frozen mixed berries and about 1/3 or so cup of oats and spoon into your muffin cases.  (I know, mine are too cute. They are from IKEA and I have been hanging out to use them!)

Bake at 160Degrees C for about 15-20mins until cooked.

Makes 24

Easy As Pie!  (Or, Muffins, in this case).

So. The moral of the story is…don’t go thinking cooking is hard.  Be like the Shortcut Cook and it will be so easy!!


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