Kids in the garden – edible garden

We have a couple of half wine barrels that we plant in. They used to sit outside our front door in our old house, but since our move had just been sitting on Dad’s front porch in a state of great neglect – pretty much waiting for our move to the brand spanking new house (three weeks to go people – I am beyond excited!) After going to the Royal Hobart Show last month and seeing the school garden competition (check out the post here), I got inspired to get gardening with Miss E. So I earmarked one of the barrels as her new garden.

State of neglect

I bought a couple of oregano and rockette seedlings at the Farmer’s Markets and there were some tomato plants left over from Dad’s magnificent backyard veggie patch, but we needed a bit more variety, so I bundled up the kids in the car and went for a trip to the nursery. It’s a great little excursion for the kids too as there are so many things to look at and play with…

Ooooh water!

Miss E loves the little trolleys they have there, and she helped pick out the plants. I tried to pick all edible plants – we can even use the marigold flowers in salads, do not only do they give the pot a bit of colour, they are useful too.

Shopping helper

And she is now über excited as I ran into my old boss/riding instructor and I’ve promised to take her up to see the horses soon…

We got home and prepared the soil, my posh term for saying we gave it a bit of a turn over and dig around.

Preparing the soil

Popped the plants in. I went a bit overboard with the purchases and ended up with pretty much zero growing room!


Then the all important water-in (featuring the cutest happy yellow watering can – every little gardener needs the right tools). It looked pretty awesome and put the other barrel to shame…

End result

We have baby spinach, chives, oregano, thyme, tomatoes, marigolds and rocket and possibly eggplant (it was a mystery plant already in the tub where we had eggplants growing last season) which we left to see what comes of it.



  1. Very nice! Cait’s daycare here have a little wine barrel garden outside the entrance and her new one in Canberra have an even bigger one for the pre-school room and a good program to go along with it.

    We’ve grown parsely, rainbow spinach, strawberries, tomato (mysterious one currently growing in the middle of my front garden with absolutely no care from me, due to a small child eating cherry tomatoes everywhere I think), mint, oregano, basil and blueberries. Everything is all put away in preparation for our move but can’t wait to get going again!

    • I really need to grow some blueberries… We went through a whole punnet today just between Miss E and Master O. Not so bad when they were around $3 a punnet but they are heading back up around the $5 mark again now. i’ll get them as logn as I can though as they are so good for them…

      Gotta love feral tomatoes!!

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