The story of a Thermomix and the Pavlova Blog Hop

Pavlovas for me conjure up special memories of festive, happy times, warm Summer Days – Christmas time! The smell of the mix is really comforting to me. In fact just like Pavlov’s dogs I start salivating at the thought of them. I know we are talking about the wrong namesake, but hey, I am easily influenced! In saying all that, it is quite surprising that I’ve only ever baked one in my life, and that was some time ago. So I really was quite excited when Erica from Mixotrophy brought the The Australian Pavlova Blog Hop to my attention…

So today, we bring you a combined effort of a Thermomix Pavlova… Well, I should say I offered use of our Dad’s kitchen and oven, wrote up the post, and helped decorate.  I admit it, yet again I didn’t make it myself, but I’m getting really good at getting other people to make them for me!

Erica added and poured ingredients into her Thermie (who came over to visit too)…

Feeding Thermie some sugar

Thermie made the mix glossy and pretty…

Dropping onto trayLook at those lovely peaks!


The oven made it crunchy, yet soft and fluffy on the inside. We both made it pretty with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and just because it was sitting there – grated white kitkat…

Crunchy outside


And it was good…

Berried treasure pavlova

The recipe we followed was from a recently released Thermomix cookbook: In the mix by Dani Valent, the recipe can be found on page 161.

Now we suggest you go forth and make pav! Or head over the blog hop and check out some of the other submissions…

Sweet Adventures Blog Hop



  1. Beautiful pavlova. I love the addition of the white chocolate kit kat over the berries – I’ll have to try that next time. It looks absolutely delicious!

  2. The Thermomix makes pavlova too! Now I want one even more! Dear Santa….. Looks like a great result!

    • I know the feeling, I really want one too – instead I live vicariously through Erica and steal thermie every now and again!
      This was Erica’s ultimate test for her thermie – and I think it would have been perfect if it had been cooked at a higher temp. Recipe called for 150 degrees preheated, turned down immediately to 120 degrees. In the end we bumped it back up and it obviously wasn’t hot enough…

  3. Your pavlova looks so beautiful and glossy. I didn’t even know you could make a pavlova with a Thermomix!!! I really need to get a Thermomix I keep hearing and reading so many great things.

    Thanks for joining us in the blog hop!!!

    • I think I must be their biggest fan who doesn’t actually own one! I just can’t justify one at the moment as we are about to move into our newly built house. Besides I’m pretty happy with Big Red (my kitchenaid) being my kitchen workhorse for now. But one day…

  4. Now I want a thermomixer! It does almost everything!

    • Seriously they pretty much do! Well at least preparation wise – obviously you have to bake it still, but they are pretty handy things to have… One day I shall have one of my own!
      My favourite thing is being able to make your own flours, icing or caster sugars. Pretty handy really just for cutting down on additives and stuff.

  5. Grated white kit-kat? OMG genius!!

    • Seriously good… I’m eating the remains of the kitkat block now and its too sweet as a whole I think, but team it with the fruit and (ahem) the truckloads of sugar in the pav and the little crumbles are perfect…

  6. Wow, I turn my back for five seconds (well… a day, really…) and look at all these lovely comments! Making a pavlova was Thermie’s final test and I must say he passed with flying colours. We had heaps of fun doing the pav blog hop (thanks Jennifer for the inspiration!). Thermie, Mel and I are looking forward to the next hop… Italian gelato? French macaron? Indian kulfi? Greek baklava? British trifle? American apple pie or key lime pie? French-Canadian tarte au sucre? Norwegian riskrem? Danish Rødgrød med fløde?

    “Dear Shackleton… Thermie and I are going to the kitchen to do some baking… we may be some time…”!

  7. If anyone is interested in finding out more about how they can have a Thermomix in their kitchen (trust me, you won’t look back!), send me an e-mail (mixotrophy at fastmail dot fm) or come on over to my Mixotrophy page and say hi. All Thermomix orders placed in November and December are eligible for 12 months interest free!

  8. So cool that you have a thermomix, and even better that you can whip up the eggs in it! Your Pavlova (regardless of who made it) looks divine.

  9. A thermomix is so firmly on my wishlist…. maybe next year… I have one to borrow once in a while so thats pretty cool

  10. Thanks for trying the Thermomix recipe from my book, In the Mix: Great Thermomix Recipes. This recipe took a looooot of testing so it’s really exciting to have people try it with success (and KitKats!)

    • Thanks Dani – it was really yummy and I totally recommend the addition of white KitKats!
      Your book is truly gorgeous – love the pictures and recipes – I’ve been poring over it when I visit Erica!

  11. I don’t like pavlova much. But that looked great!

  12. I have just aquired a Thermomix machine and tried to make a Pavlova but with not much success. It didn’t go crunchy on the outside but was edible. All the tips from Erica will help me make a perfect one next time.Thank you!

    • Good for you! There are heaps of tips & tricks here from Mixotrophy. I’m sure you will be cooking up a storm in no time!

  13. G’day! Look AMAZING! A Thermomix pav is on my list to do!
    Cheers! Joanne

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